Prince Harry faces criticism of his book: 'The last few days have been hurtful'


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  ARCHIVE - January 16, 2020, Great Britain, London: Britain
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Prince Harry's (38) Journey through the media seems to be far from over. According to the Netflix documentary, his book and the TV interviews, the youngest son of King Charles III (74) sought the limelight again. In a US show, the royal dropout showed himself from a very exuberant side despite the serious context for him and even drank tequila with the moderator. But he also struck serious tones.

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Prince Harry likens his performance to 'group therapy'

There are shocking allegations that Prince Harry makes in his book 'Spare' and the interview with Tom Bradby. Not just the press even the closest family members do not come off well at all . The 38-year-old answered questions again on Stephen Colbert's 'The Late Show' – but this time Harry presented himself in a hyped and rather boisterous environment. Right at the beginning, the presenter unpacks two glasses: 'Would you like a cocktail before we start?' He asks Harry. After he enthusiastically says yes, Colbert pours both of them tequila.

'Writing this book is a redeeming experience for me,' Harry admits, explaining that context is very important for all stories - and unfortunately in the past it hasn't always been respected. A statement that was completely taken out of context and thus became the worst accusation for him relates to his Afghanistan mission. Harry has been accused of bragging about the number of people he killed back then.

'The last few days have been hurtful and challenging,' he sums up, but he also assures: 'My life is so much better!' He also admits that the book has made him more vulnerable than ever in his life and he still affirms it : 'I've never felt stronger!' The audience is on his side, applauds again and again and cheers for the royal dropout - for Harry a visible boost in his self-confidence. For him, this performance is like a kind of 'group therapy,' he jokes.

That's why the public is so interested in Prince Harry and his family

But here, too, Harry strikes a serious note from time to time. 'I have never experienced the level of abuse and harassment that my wife experienced,' he says. “We were forced to leave, we left in 2020. We moved out, we fled my home country, moved to California and we really didn't say anything for 12 months during lockdown,' Harry recalled. But the press was still 'relentless'. All they wanted was peace. But it was during this time that they realized that their very existence was a threat and that they would always be in the spotlight even outside of this institution.

When asked why he thinks there is such a great interest in him and his family, Harry says, 'My mother took the fascination to a new level!' And then you probably thought, 'Diana's boys, let's see how that develops.” But life at court has not developed too well and satisfactorily for Harry. A lot has changed since the beginning of his therapy. 'We started speaking a different language,' Harry admits, 'They couldn't understand me.' He also believes that if his mother were still alive, things wouldn't have gotten so out of hand: 'We never would got to this point. It's impossible to say where we would be now and what our relationships would be like. But there is no way that the distance between me and my brother would be the same.”

In the video: Harry was wracked with guilt after Diana's death

Harry draws comparisons to his deceased mother again. Princess Diana was only 36 when she died in tragic circumstances. Prince Harry was the same age as he and his wife Megan (41) have decided to leave their home country in January 2020 and start a new life: 'It was an interesting overlap of times,' says Harry. Especially in the past few years he has felt his mother's presence and he assures: 'We have created a fantastic life here in California. America is a great place to live.” ( um )

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