Prince Harry on First Time Defloration Was 'A Degrading Experience'


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  Prince Harry lost his virginity at 17.
Prince Harry lost his virginity at 17. © dpa, Peter Nicholls, where

Prinz Harry railed in his headline-grabbing Book 'Spare' (German: 'Reserve') * not only against the royal family, but also unpacks details about his intimate life. In his biography, the 38-year-old reveals how and when he lost his innocence. And no, it wasn't a four-poster bed in the palace where the teenage prince had his first sex.

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Prince Harry's defloration was 'a humiliating experience'

According to the 'Daily Mail', Harry should deal extensively with his first sex adventure in his memoirs and describe it quite graphically. An 'elderly woman' deflowered the then 17-year-old prince in a field behind a very busy pub.

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According to Harry, that first sex was 'a humiliating experience.' The unnamed lady who stripped the young royal of his innocence is said to have had a thing for 'macho horses' and treated him 'like a young stud'. 'I mounted her quickly, after which she slapped my butt and sent me away.'

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Harry's first sex adventure was observed

Spicy: The dalliance in the field should not have gone unnoticed. 'One of my many mistakes was letting it happen on the field just behind this very busy pub. It was logical that someone had seen us,” Harry allegedly writes. And in fact, word of the royal defloration apparently got around to the palace. Harry was visited by Marko, one of the royal family's bodyguards, shortly after his first sex. He was sent to 'find out the truth,' Harry recalls. How uncomfortable.

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In his memoir, which will be released on January 10, Prince Harry really unpacked and made some shocking accusations against members of the royal family. His brother William is said to have even become violent towards him in a dispute about Meghan , as we show in the video above. (csp)

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