Prince Harry: penis frost, defloration & Co. – THESE statements shock the palace


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  Will Harry and William ever reconcile?

In his memoirs 'Spare'. Prinz Harry (38) Insights into the life and struggles of the British royals were given in a way that was previously unimaginable. The book was not supposed to be published until January 10th, but it accidentally ended up in bookstores in Spain on January 5th. Since then, the explosive details have made their way into the public eye and have made the British jaw drop.

The shock interview that Prince Harry gave before his book was published will be shown on RTL on January 9, 2023, from 5 p.m. in an “Exclusive Special: Harry – The Interview” in full!

Prince Harry tells book about tangible argument with brother Harry

Harry raises the most serious allegations in the book against his brother Prince William (40), who is said to have thrown him to the ground and injured him in an argument . The triggers were allegations against Harry's wife Meghan (41). The rivalry with the big brother is already reflected in the title of the book: 'Spare' (in German: 'Reserve') *. That's what his father is said to have said about him after he was born, Harry claims, according to the reports. The brothers, who were once considered inseparable and affectionately known as Willy and Harold, have long faced each other in bitter competition. Harry refers to William in the book as 'beloved brother' and 'biggest adversary.'

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Allegation in Prince Harry's book: Is King Charles emotionally cold?

But Prince Harry also conjures up ghosts from the past: the tragic circumstances of his death mother Diana , who died in an accident while fleeing paparazzi in Paris in 1997, still occupy him today. He does not believe the official investigation result. He accuses the royal family of not allowing William and himself to publicly demand a reopening of the investigation. He certifies his father King Charles (74) as emotionally cold . According to the Sun, Harry complained that he didn't even hug him when he gave him the devastating news of his beloved mother's accident.

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Are Camilla and the press in league?

And Harry also reveals his mixed feelings about Diana's longtime rival, Camilla (75). This was known to him early on as his father's 'other woman'. After his mother's death, he feared she might turn out to be an 'evil stepmother,' the reports continued. Because she made Charles happy, he welcomed her into the family, Harry wrote. But the brothers' pleas that their father not marry again went unheeded. Charles and Camilla married in 2005. She is now the king's consort. Harry accuses her, like other royals, of secretly giving information to the press.

Prince Harry: At 17 he did cocaine & was deflowered

According to reports about his own youth, Harry is even more frank. He admits he used cocaine when he was 17 to 'feel different' .

He claims to have had his first sex at the same age with a much older woman in a field behind a pub who treated him 'like a young breeding stallion'. It was a 'humiliating episode,' summed up Harry.

Harry's best piece suffered frostbite at the North Pole

Prince Harry also drops his pants properly in his book. The royal dropout not only tells about his first sex but also about penis problems. Because his best piece was affected in early 2011 during a trip to the North Pole. Harry's penis had suffered frostbite from the freezing temperatures. 'When I got home I was horrified to find that my nether regions were also affected by frostbite and while the ears and cheeks were already healing, the pecker wasn't,' reveals the 38-year-old. 'Pa was very interested and sympathetic to the discomfort of my frozen ears and cheeks and it was an effort not to tell him too much and not to tell him about my equally delicate penis.'

Harry dragged the consequences of his expedition around with him for several weeks. Even at William and Kate's wedding in April 2011, he was still struggling with frostbite. 'I was still recovering. I was at Westminster Abbey with my brother and I couldn't feel him [his penis, editor's note],' his memoir reads. Only then did Harry go to the doctor.

Prince Harry has killed 25 Taliban fighters

However, he also partly blames William and his wife Kate (40) for the biggest misstep of his younger years. They are said to have encouraged him in 2005 to attend a costume party in a Nazi costume - Photos of Harry with a swastika armband soon made the rounds in the press and caused a scandal. Harry had to make a public apology.

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On the other hand, he feels no remorse for for killing 25 Taliban fighters during his military service as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan . 'It wasn't something that made me happy, but I wasn't ashamed either,' Harry wrote on Sky News.

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Harry raced through Diana's death tunnel

His autobiography is also about Harry's beloved Mama Diana, who died in 1997 at the age of 36. How much the tragic loss still burdens the prince is now becoming clear again. In his book, he recounts a heartbreaking moment when he decided to race through his mother's death tunnel in Paris.

Harry was visiting the French capital in 2007 for the Rugby World Cup. In his memoirs he reports that he asked his driver to take him to the Pont de l'Alma tunnel. 'We drove off, weaving through traffic and passing the Ritz (hotel) where Mummy had her last meal with her boyfriend that August night,' the prince writes in the book, according to People magazine.

He then raced through the tunnel at around 100 kilometers per hour – the same speed that had cost his mother her life ten years earlier. The prince was surprised at how 'normal' the tunnel was. 'I leaned back. I said softly, 'Is that all? There is nothing. Just a straight tunnel'. I had always imagined the tunnel as a treacherous passage.” And further: “There is no reason why anyone should ever die in it.”

He drove through the tunnel hoping to finally be able to process the death of his beloved mummy. But that didn't happen - on the contrary: 'Instead, it brought me back to the beginning of the pain,' says Harry.

  Picture from happier days: Princess Diana with her sons Harry and William
Picture from happier days: Princess Diana with her sons Harry and William © imago images/ZUMA Press, SpotOn

Two weeks after Diana's death, Harry received a gift from her

Two weeks after Diana's death, Prince Harry turned 13. It is probably the saddest birthday he has celebrated in his life. Although Diana could not be there, he received a gift from her. According to the memoirs, she had already taken care of her youngest son in advance.

The Duke of Sussex celebrated his day of honor on September 15 at his Ludgrove school. Diana's older sister Sarah McCorquodale (67) appeared there to give Harry the present. It was an Xbox because the young prince loved video games. Despite his deep sadness, the surprise made him very happy.

Reconciliation of the British royals is probably a long way off

The palace initially remained silent in the face of the allegations and revelations. But whether this can be sustained seems questionable. The details from the innermost circle of the otherwise tight-lipped British royal family, spread over almost 500 pages, are likely to dominate the headlines in Great Britain for days to come. There is already speculation that the palace could strip Harry and Meghan of their titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Whether it will come to that is uncertain, but one thing seems clear: reconciliation between the quarreling brothers is a long way off. (dpa/rsc/tma)

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