Prince Harry's alleged ex shoots Meghan: 'She's manipulative'


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 Prince Harry: ex-flame blasphemes about Duchess Meghan
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The 'Real Housewives of DC' star opens up about the former 'Suits' actress dating Meghan Markle in an interview with GB News. Ommaney claims to have had an affair with Prince Harry for a month in 2006. At that time she was 34 and the royal 21. The mother of three could not make friends with the wife of her alleged ex-lover.

Prince Harry's alleged ex Catherine Ommanney calls Meghan Markle 'manipulative'.

“I would have been happy if he had someone like Kate would have married who would be suitable for the role,” says Ommannney, referring to the wife of Prince William . “But he chose someone who, in my opinion, is almost the exact opposite of that. I'm really sad because he dug a very big hole. I mean, look who he's dating.'

'He looks sadder than I've ever seen him.'

The 50-year-old then shoots violently Megan : 'She's manipulative and controlling and he's not the man I met then. I know it's been a long time, but I really don't think he's the man I met at all.' Harry gone: 'He says he's happy, but he doesn't look happy to me. He looks sad like I've never seen him before. I still have a lot of respect for him and vice versa. But I'm really sad for him and I'm sad for the monarchy and the royal family.'

The reality TV actress has yet to read Harry's memoir 'Spare'. But she was 'shocked' that he even published the book.

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