Prince Harry's emotional farewell to Queen Elizabeth II - those were the last words to his grandmother


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  The Queen and Prince Harry have been very close.
The Queen and Prince Harry have been very close. © picture alliance

If Queen Elizabeth II. am 8. September 2022 died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland aged 96 , met her grandson Prinz Harry (38) late one. In his memoirs, published on January 10 under the Title 'Spare' * will appear, the royal also writes about the last moment he spent with his late grandmother and the last words he whispered in her ear.

His last words to grandma

The pictures that showed Prince Harry in the car that evening were heartbreaking . A broken young man was on his way to his beloved grandmother's deathbed. But he came too late. The sadness of not being able to say goodbye to the queen in person was written all over the father's face.

In his book, Harry recalls that emotional moment. Even though Queen Elizabeth was already dead when he arrived, the grandson said goodbye in personal words: 'I whispered that I hope she's happy and that she's with her grandfather now,' quotes the British 'Daily Mail' from the book .

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  Prince Harry was late to say goodbye

Harry admired Queen Elizabeth

With his book, in which the 38-year-old settles accounts with his royal family in Great Britain, Harry is currently making headlines around the world. whether to be father, King Charles III. (74) , or be Brother, Prince William (40) – the man from Duchess Meghan (41) does not mince his words. Only on his grandmother he does not let anything come: 'I said that I admire her for having fulfilled her duties to the end.'

The late Queen had repeatedly raised concerns about health setbacks in the final months of her life. Nevertheless, she celebrated a big party in June 2022 on her seventieth jubilee . Just two days before her death, she was welcomed to Balmoral Castle the then Prime Minister Liz Truss (47) was new in office .

Reading tip: These are the most blatant statements from Harry's memoirs .

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Their last moment together

  Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan
Prince Harry (with Duchess Meghan) was saddened by the loss of his beloved grandmother. © imago images/i Images, SpotOn

Harry found out about the Queen's death from the press , not from his family. Due to arguments with her about whether his wife should come with him or not, Harry was one of the last to arrive in Scotland. His aunt, Princess Anne (72), greeted him and led him to his grandmother: 'I went ahead uncertainly and saw her. I stayed still and watched her intently for a while.” But Queen Elizabeth was already dead. (vne)

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