Prince Harry's memoirs: Former army trainer contradicts descriptions


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 In his biography, Prince Harry tells many details from his life.
In his biography, Prince Harry tells many details from his life. © dpa, Jens Kalaene, jka nic all axs

Is this all just made up? That's what many people who read the “Reserve” biography ask themselves Prinz Harry (38) to read. Because some things have not happened as they seem - at least that's what Prince Harry's former instructor at the Army claims.

A 'failed suicide attempt'?

'I felt the left wing drop, an uncomfortable feeling of disorder, of entropy, and then after a few seconds that felt like decades, he pulled the plane back up and leveled the wings. I stared at him. ‘What on earth…? Was that a failed suicide attempt?' No, he said softly. That was the next step in my education.” So describes Harry the incident with his former army instructor Michael Booley (57) during a training flight. The ex-major simply stalled the machine in mid-air without warning his apprentice beforehand - pretty dangerous, isn't it?

Prince Harry reveals private details from his life

'Every assignment is briefed beforehand'

But Michael Booley has a different take on the story. In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, he said: 'The book is a compliment to me, but I'm afraid the memory of the missions and lessons is inaccurate. It is important to emphasize that nothing in the cockpit comes as a surprise. Every mission is thoroughly briefed beforehand, every single aspect.” According to him, surprises on training flights should only appear later on the curriculum.

He could also imagine that the flight missions were over-dramatized - perhaps as a result of ghostwriting Harry's Biography . But while Booley is 'baffled' by Harry's statements, 'shocked even' by them, he still has a high regard for the prince. (result/rbe)

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