Prince Harry's shock interview in the news blog: This is how the British react to the revelations


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  This is how Britain reacts to Prince Harry's statements

Prinz Harry (38) caused a real sensation with explosive revelations about his past and his family even before the official release date of his memoirs 'Spare' (German title 'Reserve'). In a preliminary interview, the royal dropout answered questions from British journalist Tom Bradby. RTL showed Harry's interview exclusively in Germany. Nobility expert Michael Begasse and RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig analyzed the explosive highlights in the special 'Exclusive Special: Harry, the Interview'.

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You can read all the explosive revelations in Prince Harry's exclusive interview on the News Blog HERE:

Prince Harry unpacks in an interview

  • 10/1/2023 6:53:00 AM

    Here's how the UK is reacting to Harry's revelations

    Polls in his homeland have plummeted, according to a poll by the polling institute Yougov conducted on January 5-6. According to this, over 60 percent would think negatively about the prince who used to be so popular. Only one in four would perceive Harry in a positive light. In 2020, Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan, turned their backs on the British royal family. A big interview with talk legend Oprah Winfrey followed in 2021, in which the couple struck out against the royals for the first time. After a Netflix documentary in December, explosive TV interviews and now the publication of his memoirs in book form, many Britons are appalled by Lady Diana's son (1961 - 1997). Even some who have been big fans since the couple's marriage now have a different opinion.

    'I think you have to have respect for your family,' was the comment of a British woman the day after the TV interviews in London. 'Especially when she's in the public eye and they've lost that a bit.'
  • 10/1/2023 6:42:00 AM

    Prince Harry speculates: Will the royal family read his book?

    Harry's biography 'Spare' (in German: 'Reserve') has been available on the British market since midnight. Interested readers came by during the night and secured an issue of the prince's memoirs, from which shocking passages had already leaked in the days before. Whether King Charles III. and Prince William will also look at and read the book of their close family member? After all, many explosive statements are about the relationship between the three men. Prince Harry has his own guess, speculating: 'I would like that, but I don't think so. And as far as this interview is concerned: I have no idea whether you will watch it or not. ”It is his great wish that his message reaches the right people.
  • 10/1/2023 6:30:00 AM

    The dispute between the brothers has been smoldering for longer than expected

    When Prince William married his Kate Middleton at a dream wedding in April 2011, there was said to have been a crisis between the brothers, as his brother Harry has now revealed in his controversial interview. Everyone thought that the 38-year-old was his brother's best man. But that was not the case at all, as the dropout Royal now reveals. He just played the game he was told to play. Even then there should have been a quarrel with his older brother, which led to 'Willy not wanting me to give a best man's speech'. That would have been William's best friends, James Meade and Thomas Van Straubenzee, who were also the best man of today's 'Prince of Wales'.
  • 10/1/2023 6:17:45 AM

    Didn't Harry's exit come as a surprise to the Queen?

    It came as a big shock to the world when Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan announced in early 2020 that they wanted to turn their backs on the British royal family. The Royal Family WITHOUT the second son of King Charles III?! Three years have now passed and the head of the family, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away in September at the age of 96. Speaking to Good Morning America, which aired on ABC, Harry said: 'It never came as a surprise to anyone, least of all her [the Queen]. She knew what was going on. She knew how hard it was. She never told me she was angry.' Rather, she was sad that their Harry, often referred to as favorite grandson, would leave the family.
  • 9/1/2023 5:40:39 PM

    Prince Harry has never been happier in his life

    'I've never felt the happiness that I have in my family anywhere else,' he explains. He feels safe in California. 'I'm happy, my family is happy.' He has two wonderful children and an amazing wife.
    While it's 'difficult to go back,' he alludes to his visits to Britain, he seems ready for reconciliation. He doesn't say when and if he's going back.
  • 9/1/2023 5:39:30 PM

    'I'm not stuck in the past'

    Makes the 38-year-old clear. He's done with the past. His focus is in the future. Will there be a return to the royal family? Harry leaves this question open.
  • 9/1/2023 5:36:43 PM

    Yes, the royal dropout still believes in the monarchy

    Does the royal dropout still believe in the monarchy? 'Yes,' is his answer. But does he think he will play a role in it in the future? 'I don't know,' Harry said. 'If my father asks us for support, we can certainly talk about it,' he clarifies!
  • 9/1/2023 5:35:17 PM

    Harry on racism allegations: 'I will never talk about it'

    Is Harry finally revealing who is behind the family member who is speculating about the skin color of his then unborn son Archie? 'I'll never talk about that,' he clarifies once and for all.
  • 9/1/2023 5:32:13 PM

    'There can only be peace when there is truth'

    Harry wants reconciliation with his family – but without the official media: 'It's a matter between me and my family!'
  • 9/1/2023 5:23:32 PM

    'But every story has two sides'

    Harry says his therapy has helped him a lot. And thinks that other members of his family should maybe do one too - it might help. Again and again the prince emphasizes that he wants to tell HIS truth.
  • 9/1/2023 5:20:15 PM

    'I want a family, not an institution!'

    'I didn't understand at the time how much my family was complicit in the suffering inflicted on my wife and then kept going. And now I'm sitting here wishing for a family. Not an institution, but a family.' The emphasis in his voice is clear.

  • 9/1/2023 5:16:43 PM

    'I don't think my brother will read the book'

    Harry also finds it “heartbreaking” that this gap had to come between him and his family. 'I don't think my brother or father will read the book. What I have to say to them and what they have to say to me will be private. And I hope it stays that way.'
  • 9/1/2023 5:01:00 PM

    'He grabbed my collar' - William punched Harry

    William is said to have grabbed him by the collar and pushed him to the ground. 'What was different here was the level of frustration, and I'm talking about the red fog that I've had for so many years and I saw that red fog in him,' he says. Harry would have hit back, but thanks to therapy, he was handling his anger well.
  • 9/1/2023 4:57:08 PM

    Prince William ordered him to shave his beard as a 'shield against my fears'

    Prince Harry describes in his memoirs that he asked the Queen if he could keep his beard for his wedding. She said yes, but Prince William is said to have ordered him to shave him after a week-long argument as 'heir to the throne'.
  • 9/1/2023 4:56:00 PM

    Meghan's argument with William and Kate

    'I always hoped the four of us would get along, but it quickly became 'Meghan vs. Kate,'' explains Harry. He confirms that he loves Kate like a sister. But then he met Meghan. 'They [William and Kate] are Suits fans. Who would have thought,' he laughs. 'It seemed like they [Meghan and Catherine] didn't get along almost from the start, right?' Brady asks, to which Harry confirms, 'Yeah, right.' But why not? 'For a variety of reasons,' Harry said. He always hoped that one day it would be 'William and Kate and I and whoever.'
  • 9/1/2023 4:55:16 PM

    The day Princess Catherine made Meghan cry

    'What I don't know to this day is when that was twisted,' Harry said of press reports that Meghan made Catherine cry shortly before their wedding. Tom Bradby wants to know why that wasn't corrected. 'That's a question for you. You were more than happy to issue explanations for less, unimportant things.'
  • 9/1/2023 4:52:06 PM

    'I realize how annoying a little sibling can be'

    Harry compares his children's relationship to his relationship with his brother William - and quickly shows remorse: 'But now I realize that the gap between me and William was like Archie and Lily are now. Lily is crazy about Archie, and Archie is always like, 'No, no, Lily, I need my space,' now I understand. I realize how annoying a little sibling can be to the big one.'
  • 9/1/2023 4:49:17 PM

    'I want my father and my brother back'

    Prince Harry is ready to forgive. But taking responsibility is important to Harry. 'As much as I want reconciliation, I want responsibility to be taken.'
  • 9/1/2023 4:47:26 PM

    'Please don't marry her'

    'We stand by you, we said, we agree with Camilla, just please don't marry her. Just be together. He didn't answer,' Harry reported.
  • 9/1/2023 4:34:15 PM

    Love for King Charles and William is not enough - Harry wants the truth

    'I love my father, I love my brother, I love my family and I always will. I didn't mean to harm or hurt you with anything I wrote or did. But you know, I have to bet on the truth.'
  • 9/1/2023 4:33:04 PM

    Harry confesses to cocaine consumed to have

    'It's important to admit it,' says Harry in an interview, who started using drugs at the age of 17. In the book, Harry also tells the reason for his drug use: he wanted to do everything that didn't suit the royal family. This was his own personal rebellion.
  • 9/1/2023 4:29:35 PM

    'It was practically impossible to lose control of a vehicle'

    It's no secret that Prince Harry doesn't think much of the British press. Even in his documentary, he settles accounts with the leaves. But now Harry makes clear indications of his mother's death: 'It was practically impossible to lose control of a vehicle unless you were completely blinded at the wheel.'
  • 9/1/2023 4:26:16 PM

    'Seeing the back of her head, her blond hair - it hurts like hell'

    'I had heard about these photos and was beginning to understand what the paparazzi who were chasing her had to do with her death. I will be eternally grateful to Jamie for showing me the photos that he thought I had was meant to see and withheld others. Well, I don't know where I would be if I had seen the pictures I really wanted to see at the time, but I was young...' Harry says of the pictures.
  • 9/1/2023 4:23:46 PM

    The decision to continue walking behind Diana's coffin 'was made for us'

    'The decision to walk behind our mother's coffin was made for us. And there was no question in my mind not to let William do it alone. And he wouldn't let me do it alone either,' said the 38-year-old .
    • 9/1/2023 4:15:30 PM

      In the video: Prince Harry was wracked with guilt

    • 9/1/2023 4:09:07 PM

      Harry on Diana's death: 'I don't want to be a single dad.'

      Pictures of Princess Diana are shown, and Prince Harry reads an excerpt from 'Spare' about his mother's death. Harry, speaking to Tom Bradby, recalls the moment he found out about it. 'When I think back to when I was 12 and sitting in that bed at Balmoral Castle, I go back to that moment and try to remember as best I can. How my father came in in his dressing gown and gave me the news.' King Charles sat on the edge of his bed and broke the news to him. 'It was only now, as I was writing the book, that I really thought about how many hours he had been up . And the sympathy I have for him as a parent. He had to spend many, many hours consulting friends of his and thinking, 'How the hell am I going to teach this to my two sons?' And I never want to be in that position. I don't want history to repeat itself. I don't want to be a single father. And I certainly don't want my children to live life without a mother or father.'
    • 9/1/2023 4:05:46 PM

      “I want to tell my life myself”

      For a long time, his story was told by others. Now Prince Harry wants to tell his story himself.
    • 9/1/2023 4:03:19 PM

      Prince Harry's interview begins

      The interview begins with a brief review of Prince Harry's life and various excerpts that he himself reads from his book. Journalist Tom Bradby conducts the talk, titled 'Harry: The Interview,' in Harry's adopted home of California. RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig and nobility expert Michael Begasse classify.
    • 9/1/2023 3:10:04 PM

      Prince Harry unpacks in an interview

      RTL shows Harry's full-length, headline-grabbing ITV interview exclusively in Germany. 'Exclusive Special: Harry, the Interview' starts at 5 p.m on RTL and in the live stream on RTL+. Here in our ticker you won't miss any highlights!
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