Prince Harry's shock revelations: unforgivable breach of taboo or act of liberation?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  ARCHIVE - July 1, 2021, Great Britain, London: British Princes Harry (l) and William stand back to back at the unveiling of the statue of their mother Diana in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace. (to dpa 'scandal among princes - Harry throws Wi
Prince Harry and Prince William were once considered an inseparable pair of brothers. Those days should now be over for good. © dpa, Dominic Lipinski, where

Alexandra Mölgen and Charlotte Reppenhagen

The statements made by Prince Harry (38) in his book 'Spare' (in German 'Reserve') and his TV interview shock and divide his audience. Our writers are also divided and have asked themselves the question: Is it okay to go public with disclosures of this caliber? Or is this not possible at all? An opinion piece on the royal scandal by Alexandra Mölgen (Contra) and Charlotte Reppenhagen (Pro).

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Pants down: Prince Harry and his sex life

Admittedly, with so much (unsolicited) intimacy, chills can run down your spine. In his memoirs, Prince Harry describes where, how and with whom he had his first time - and in no uncertain terms: He lost his virginity to a much older woman , who treated him “like a young stallion” and gave him “a slap on the bottom” after the act.

Yes, no one was really prepared for so many intimate details and yes, no one really asked about it. But as shameful as the topic of sex in public is, it is part of being human. In addition to all titles, roles and stories, Harry is above all: a person. So leave this topic completely out of his memoirs, which deal with his life? He probably would have been blamed for that decision too.

It's one of the most natural things in the world - that's for sure. But even if Harry has turned his back on the royal family, he still belongs to the British nobility and is not just some celebrity who tells the whole world in a reality format that he was deflowered by a much older woman in a field behind a pub at the age of 17. 'I mounted her quickly, then she slapped my butt and sent me away,' Harry describes his first time, even being caught by those present. Many may find the story funny or even identify with him because he is so down-to-earth. One could wish for a little transparency from the other members of the royal family these days, but these insights are simply too much information! And didn't the prince actually want to protect his privacy?

Prince Harry on Duchess Meghan's miscarriage

In November 2020 made Duchess Meghan (41) publicly that she had suffered a miscarriage. At that time, she opened up and shared her own feelings during and shortly after the miscarriage. In his book, her husband Harry now reports on how the couple dealt with the grief – and tells how she buried her stillborn baby : 'Under a spreading tree I dug a hole with my hands and gently placed the tiny package in the ground'.

It's shocking how open Harry is about the loss and the nature of her grief. But it must not be forgotten: A miscarriage is a terrible stroke of fate for everyone, which each parent can deal with in their own individual way. Talking about it the way Harry does might be uncomfortable and intimate. But it also draws attention to a largely hushed-up topic and can help other parents embrace and process their loss.

After their royal exit, there was repeated talk that Harry and Meghan were doing it to protect their family, because the media and paparazzi keep invading their privacy and that this public display must finally come to an end. But now, in his memoir, Harry has opened up about one of the most intimate things a woman or couple can go through: a miscarriage.

I can understand Meghan going public with this herself. For many, a miscarriage is still a taboo subject, it is hardly talked about and women have to deal with their suffering on their own. I totally understand that she wrote an article about it to encourage others and show them 'you are not alone'. However, I absolutely cannot understand Harry's approach. Why does he have to tell the whole world in his book that their dead baby was handed over to them in a small package that he then buried himself? This pictorial representation of such a traumatic experience really doesn't have to be - especially if you yourself preach respect for privacy over and over again beforehand.

Prince Harry and the fraternal dispute with Prince William

The argument between Harry and his brother Prince William (40) seems to have lasted much longer than the public suspects. It is said that there were even fisticuffs between the once inseparable duo.

There are rifts like this in many families. They can be traced back to severe humiliation or emotional abuse, family and couples therapist Eva-Maria Hesse told RND. For example, because one sibling is portrayed better than the other. The royals, with their succession to the throne set from birth, are probably the prime example of exactly this behavior. While Harry started life as number two, William has always been Britain's future king. From this point of view, the rift between the brothers suddenly doesn't come as a surprise - and almost understandable, doesn't it?

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Pretty bold claims, considering the public image the two have always drawn. In every family there are arguments and things are said that you later regret. Violence of any kind - whether physical or psychological - is of course unacceptable. But I can also understand that in all the years since the beginning of the 'Meghan era' and the problems that came with it, a certain amount of anger has built up in his brother.

I also can't shake the feeling that he shares these things with the whole world to show that his brother, who is so highly praised and seems perfect, is not as clean as it is made out to be. But do you really have to go public with such stories? With these statements, Harry opened Pandora's box and definitely scratched the image of William and appearances or statements by the British heir to the throne will definitely be scrutinized more in the future than already.

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