Prince Harry speculates: will the British royal family read his biography?


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  Prince Harry and Prince William: Their argument has been going on for so long
Prince Harry wishes his book would be read. © imago images/i Images, SpotOn

As with a reality soap, eyes from all over the world are glued to this story: the dispute in the British royal family. Prinz Harry (38) unpacks more and more openly about the royal family - first in his book 'Spare', now in one TV interview broadcast exclusively by RTL Germany on January 9th . As millions wait for the biography, everyone is wondering: Will Harry's family members read it too? The 38-year-old has a guess...

What does his family think?

They are silent. There has been no real reaction from the British royal family to date Harry's scandalous allegations . But what does he himself think that triggers his statements? Tom Bradby wanted to know and in his interview with King Charles III's youngest son, which was shown on RTL on Monday evening from 5 p.m., he relentlessly followed up: 'What do you think will happen William think when he sees this or reads your book?'

Prince Harry's reaction was sobering: 'I don't think so my brother or my father read the book.” And yet it is his wish that his thoughts reach the right people: “I would like that, but I don't think so. And as for that interview, I have no idea if they're watching it or not.'

Frank words that sound like a hopeless call for attention to family.

In the video: excerpts from Prince Harry's explosive TV interviews

  First excerpts from Prince Harry's explosive TV interviews

Better private now

Apparently, he imagined the reactions of his family differently. Maybe that's the main reason for changing your strategy now? Because according to Harry is now Enough with the public : “What you have to say to me and what I have to say to you, we discuss privately among ourselves. And I hope it stays that way.”

Wait a moment. Harry was the one who made enormous amounts of private conversations public. Tom Bradby rightly doubts this statement: 'Wouldn't your brother say, 'Harry, how could you do this to me after everything we've been through?' Wouldn't that be his words?'

Harry sees the situation differently. He counters that there have been many in recent years Indiscretions and punctures gave to the press, but from other family members. He is aware that he is now making many people angry with his revelations. He justifies his actions – sometimes almost vengeful sounding :

“The very people who could have helped us or stopped it were the ones who started it and then kept it going. And now I'm sitting here wishing for a family.'

Fragile words from the king's youngest son. Desperate, sad. Just like his actions? (rbe)

You can now see the entire interview on RTL+.

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