Prince Harry will not wear a uniform at the Queen's funeral


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 Prince Harry will not wear a uniform at the Queen's funeral
Prince Harry mourns the loss of his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth II in Windsor. © imago/i Images, SpotOn

Spokesman confirms rumours

Prince Harry (37) will not wear a military uniform at the forthcoming funeral of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022). This was confirmed by one of his spokespersons to 'People' magazine. However, he will appear in a morning dress, also known as a cutaway. The cutaway is a formal piece of clothing that - similar to a tailcoat - represents a further development of a frock coat.

'His decade of military service will not be determined by the uniform he wears,' the statement said. It is also respectfully requested that the focus in the coming days be on the Queen's life and legacy. Buckingham Palace on Monday confirmed that working members of the royal family who hold a military rank will wear uniforms at the major celebrations surrounding the state funeral.

Charles, William, Anne and Edward probably in uniform

It is expected that King Charles III. (73), Prince William (40), Princess Anne (72) and Prince Edward (58) who will wear traditional British Armed Forces dress. Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, on the other hand, no longer belong to this circle, despite their long military presence in the past.

Prince Andrew was stripped of his military titles after being accused of sexual abuse by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Prince Harry had to give up his title due to his voluntary resignation from the closest royal circle and the associated move to the United States. Both are also no longer working members of the royal family. However, according to the report, a small exception will be made for Andrew: he will wear a uniform at a vigil as a sign of respect for his mother.

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