Prince Louis alone at home: Mini-Prinz causes laughter on the internet


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  Prince Louis not only laughs beautifully, but also makes fans laugh.
Prince Louis not only laughs beautifully, but also makes fans laugh. © german press agency

Four billion people in front of the TV, the whole royal family up close and personal at the state funeral of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. – and alone at home a lonely prince?! Louis (4), the youngest son of Princess Kate (40) and Prince William (40), was not present at the event of the century. But what does such a mini-royal actually do while mum and dad have flown away and the whole world is watching great-grandmother's funeral? This is exactly what users on social media asked themselves - with funny results.

Louis as a cheeky whipping prince?

Alone at home? Of course, many immediately think of the comedy classic “Kevin – Home Alone” from 1990, in which a boy who is left to his own devices at home has to fight two clumsy, stupid burglars. 'Would love to see a 'Kevin' style film of Prince Louis on his own at Buckingham Palace. Absolute carnage, I imagine,” Twitter user Alex imagines.

A meme shared by user Andrew demonstrates what that could look like. On it, a little cheeky rascal kicks an adult in the shins and then grabs his arms in a wrestling hold. Luckily - like in the film - everything was just played.

First of all delicious junk food for Prince Williams son

But it's not just Kevin's harsh attacks on the burglars that come to mind when users think of the prince alone at home. Because a storm-free booth also includes, of course, junk food! Shared memes of a 'Home Alone' scene show Kevin making himself comfortable in front of the TV, armed with chips, Coke and Co. The internet community believes that Kate's son may also have himself at home on the day of the funeral service stuffed.

Dance of joy because Princess Kate has flown out?

Meanwhile, other Royal fans are thinking of a different cinematic sequence. Namely the one in which Kevin does a crazy happy dance, throws his arms in the air and dashes through the McCallister house like a rat when he realizes his family has flown away and left him at home in the chaos of the extended family's holiday planning .

Is Louis so happy when his dear parents make a move? Speculation, but the idea amuses the Twitter community.

Concern about the mini prince, on the other hand, is obviously user 'Fella'. He writes: 'Do we know where these two are while Louis is alone at home?' The user posts a picture of the burglar from the classic Christmas film.

Babysitter done and ready?!

Twitter user Annabel is also concerned. However, not necessarily about the little aristocrat, but about his babysitter. One meme features a humorous icon image of Louis' nanny crying on the floor with a bottle of wine. 'Prince Louis' babysitter sighted for first time since Elizabeth's funeral,' the user quipped in the caption.

A meme by user 'Shar A' illustrates what the alleged Louis bustle could look like. In a short clip, a person in a completely freaky costume then throws objects and runs aimlessly into chairs. Louis, a little chaos prince?

Louis' siblings attended the Queen's funeral

As fun as the fans' mind games are, the day the prince was home without his parents was sad. Four billion people around the world watched the Queen's state funeral as the mega-memorial service was televised. Louis' siblings Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince George, 9, were present, unlike their brother, for the Queen's final journey. And wowed the internet with their courage and discipline .

The fact that Louis was not there, reports 'People', is probably due to the tender age of the four-year-old. And yet his absence in the midst of the difficult times and mourning for Elizabeth II caused a little cheering up on the Internet. (us)

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