Princess Anne is not allowed to represent King Charles - but Prince Harry and Prince Andrew can


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  Princess Anne and King Charles II
Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth II's second child, is not allowed to represent her brother Charles as monarch © dpa, Hannah Mckay, nic

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II (96) , not only does the order of heirs to the throne change, royal titles and posts also have to be reassigned or redistributed. This also includes the posts of the five state councilors who represent King Charles (73) when he is unable to perform his official duties. Reasons for this can be an illness or visits abroad. So far, Prince Harry (37), Prince William (40), Prince Andrew (60), Duchess Camilla (75) and of course Charles as the direct heir to the throne have held this task. But Charles is now a substitute for Charles Princess Beatrice (34) , the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew. This is now causing criticism in Great Britain, because Charles' sister Princess Anne (72) is denied the right of representation.

Princess Anne is the hardest working royal

Because of old legislation, Princess Anne is granted fewer rights of succession in a predominantly male royal family. She is currently 16th in line to the throne and is therefore out of the question as a state councillor. The Queen repealed this law in 2013 with the 'Succession to the Crown Act', but did not implement it retrospectively. Only Parliament has the power to change the current state of affairs, as King Charles is also bound by the 1937 Regency Act.

Anne's disadvantage in the royal house is now causing severe criticism, because Anne was still considered the hardest-working member of the royal family in 2021. In Britain, therefore, these circumstances have triggered a debate about the current rules. Royal house expert Richard Fitzwilliams explains to the 'Daily Mail' that now would be the perfect time for a radical rethink.

The Queen's funeral was an emotional event

On September 19, the Queen's funeral took place in Westminster Abbey. A few tears were shed during the procession, service and funeral. Also King Charles said goodbye to his mother with tears in his eyes . Just before the Queen's funeral, the insignia, crown and jewelry were removed from the coffin, a moment of total silence. During the four-kilometer mourning procession Prince Andrew also cried for his late mother . On the coffin lay not only the crown and insignia, as well as jewelry, but also a letter, presumably from son Charles . The funeral procession was not arranged according to the line of succession, as expected, but went according to the order of 'the heart'. 2,000 guests were invited to the funeral.

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