Princess ball: Barbara Meier wraps her baby bump in a fairytale dress


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Barbara Meier at the European Culture Prize 2022
Barbara Meier at the European Culture Prize 2022 © Instagram / barbarameier

Culture? That's all well and good, but princess dreams are a must! Apparently thought so too Barbara Meier (36). At the European Culture Prize 2022 in Zurich, she appeared in a beautiful fairytale dress and presented her round baby ball at the same time. Disney princess vibes included.

Barbara Meier between high culture and Disney vibes

In the light green dress by designer Katrin Eulenstein, decorated with plenty of playful floral elements, the redhead made high culture a minor matter for a short time. In the glamorous ambience of the Zurich Tonhalle, however, not only did posting take place, but also cultural activities. The pregnant woman writes on Instagram:

“So many inspiring award winners on stage, such great classical music and then the unique contrast with a Toten Hosen song with orchestral accompaniment.
And above all, I was very proud to be patron of the environmental award again.”

According to Barbara, both the mother and the child felt comfortable in the dress, which was specially made for her 'not so small ball'. That's what you call mom's instinct.

'Your' city of love? Easy to guess

The model also recently revealed who is playing the mini “co-driver” at the Kulturpreis. Her second baby with husband Klemens Hallmann (46) will therefore be a girl. This was revealed by Meier on 'Gala'.

The RTL TV magazine recently accompanied the pregnant woman to her favorite city of Venice for an interview. What the Italians might not have guessed, she then revealed in front of the TV camera. 'It's our city - of love,' she says, which probably applies to many visitors to the curious place.

In the video: Barbara Meier in the Venice interview

 Barbara Meier reveals the gender of the baby

After pizza, pasta, bridges, alleyways, an interview in Venice and later an event in Zurich, normal life as a mother of two soon awaits, far removed from any gondolier romance. Daughter Marie-Therese is waiting at home (2) already looking forward to the reinforcement in the form of her sister. (us)

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