Princess Charlène receives support: her parents are moving from South Africa to Monaco


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Assistance to Princess Charlène

support for Princess Charlene (44) ! Since her with Prince Albert (64) is together, the native South African lives in Monaco - more than 12,000 kilometers away from her parents Mike Wittstock (76) and Lynette Wittstock (63). But now the two have moved to their daughter's adopted country to be able to support her better. There are snapshots of the happy family in the video.

Mike and Lynette Wittstock have left South Africa

According to the Daily Mail, Mike Wittstock and Lynette Wittstock have finally left their home in the Johannesburg suburbs to live permanently in the Monaco area and be closer to their daughter. The couple now live in an imposing property in La Turbie, a French village in the immediate vicinity of principality .

“It made a big difference. The Wittstocks have moved into a house a few minutes' drive from Charlene and they see each other all the time,' an inside source was quoted as saying by the newspaper. 'They make her feel safe and secure and remind her of the far more carefree life she enjoyed in South Africa before becoming Princess of Monaco.'

Charlène's brother has lived in Monaco for a long time

Charlène's brother, Gareth Wittstock (42), moved to Monaco ten years ago to 'make sure his sister is looked after'. And her second brother, 40-year-old Sean Wittstock, 'makes phone calls from South Africa every day,' according to the source. For some people it is a bit restrictive when the family is so close together, but this new arrangement has worked wonders for Charlene, it is said.

'My family and those I love are my rock'

The Princess has two turbulent years behind her. She was not in Monaco for eight months in 2021. Her originally planned short visit to South Africa, where she wanted to support the fight against poaching, turned into a long stay due to health reasons. But as soon as Charlène was back in the small principality in November 2021, she was gone again. The princess checked into a Swiss clinic to have her 'mental and physical exhaustion' treated.

The 44-year-old is now doing better again, as she recently revealed in an interview. 'I'm getting closer to the future, step by step, day by day,' says the mom of two, who now mostly relies on the people closest to her. 'My family and those I love are my rock.' (tma)

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