Princess Kate & Duchess Meghan: Still Ice Age? These signs speak for themselves


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Ice age between Kate and Meghan

In the hours and days after Death of Queen Elizabeth. royal fans around the world received one true avalanche of news . But none was more surprising than the reunion the prince Harry (38) and William (40) and their wives Meghan (41) and Kate (40). But while the two princes slowly seem to be getting closer again, the ice age is said to still reign between their partners. What indications of a bad relationship between the Duchess of Sussex and Princess of Wales speak, you can find out in the video above.

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The 'Megxit' changed everything

In the early days, the two famous couples were dubbed the 'Fab Four' because they had joined forces under the roof of Kensington Palace to campaign for various social causes. But everything changed in 2020 when Harry and Meghan decided to get together to retire from their royal roles and move to California. Since then, the 'Fab Four' have rarely appeared - and it was two years before the death of the British Queen should change that. Despite the rift between Prince William and Prince Harry, they decided to do it together to walk in front of Windsor Castle and to accompany the coffin of her beloved 'Omi' side by side to Westminster Hall.

In the video: The appearance of the 'Fabulous Four' was so different

  The performance was so different"Fabulous Four"

Meghan and Kate have a history

Kate is said to have said to a grieving woman outside Windsor Castle that it “In these times” it is important to come together . But does she mean Meghan, who has fallen out of favor with the British royal court? In addition to her withdrawal from the palace and the Scandal interview with Oprah the two women have their own negative history. According to Meghan, that Kate 'made her cry' during their 2018 wedding .

Are these incidents not yet forgiven and forgotten? At least it seems so from the outside. Body language experts even noted that Princess Kate was on the Windsor walk is said to have actively distanced himself from the Sussexes . (lkr)

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