Princess Kate's right hand: This is Natalie Barrows


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Princess Kate and her assistant Natalie Barrows.
Princess Kate and her assistant Natalie Barrows. © Getty Images/Bongarts

On the way to the official welcome of the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa (70) became Princess Kate (40) spotted happily in the back seat of a royal carriage. The Princess of Wales was photographed with a huge grin on her face alongside a blonde as she appeared to be enjoying a few minutes of lightheartedness on a busy day. But who is the blonde employee Kate is having such a good time with? The lady's name is Natalie Barrows and she is much more than just a nice conversationalist. She is the right hand of Prince William s (40) wife and therefore indispensable in her everyday life. Introducing the royal 'secret weapon'.

Private secretary coordinates royal diary

Natalie Barrows has been Kate's private secretary since 2017. In the course of the last five years, she is said to have become a close confidant and right-hand man mom of three have developed. Little is known about Barrows' private life, however royal appearances she is never far away

The Royal Assistant is central to supporting the Prince and Princess of Wales' schedule, coordinating their diary, arranging travel arrangements and managing correspondence. Barrow's job is to organize official programs and appointments, and to make sure Kate knows who she's meeting. At public events such as tours, the private secretary is always in Kate's immediate vicinity and is always ready to take flowers, cards and gifts from well-wishers.

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 Princess Kate comforts crying Ukrainian mother

Natalie Barrows carries Kate's bag

Also, unlike the princess, she carries a bag with her that holds all the important items that Kate might need. The role requires a high level of discretion and a deep understanding of royal life. People like Natalie Barrows ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the royal scenes. (lkr)

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