Princess Kate sets the alarm clock for the England rugby team


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 Princess Kate sets the alarm clock for the England rugby team
Princess Kate at a rugby training session last February. © imago images/Starface, SpotOn

Little salute to 'Red Roses'

Princess Kate (40) is obviously looking forward to the women's Rugby World Cup, which will be held in New Zealand in the coming weeks. She doesn't just want to cheer on the team with a special message to the English national team.

Kate wanted to wish the 'Red Roses', as the women's national team is also known, good luck for the Rugby World Cup, the princess opened a short clip shared by the official 'England Rugby' account on Twitter. 'I had so much fun with you all [...] and I can't wait to see how you progress in the tournament,' said the 40-year-old. Earlier this year, she took over rugby patronage from Prince Harry, 38, and also attended a training session at Twickenham Stadium.

'Good luck for the coming weeks'

Kate congratulates all athletes for whom it is the first World Championship in a team on having made it into the selection. 'I know it will be a particularly proud moment in your career so far and I hope you enjoy every minute,' she said. She was also pleased that there were players back in the team who had already won the title in 2014 and who will hopefully help to bring it 'home' again this year.

'Good luck for the coming weeks', Kate concludes the greeting and has a special motivation for the team. She wanted to set the alarm clock so she could cheer on the team. Another clip on Twitter shows how happy the athletes were at the words.

The Rugby World Cup will be played from October 8th. Actually, the World Cup should have taken place last year, but due to the corona pandemic, the sporting event was postponed to 2022.

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