Princess Märtha Louise's fiancé hands out to the media


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Durek Verrett wreaks havoc online against the media.
Durek Verrett, fiancee of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, has had enough and takes a stand against the media in a lengthy post on Instagram. © Instagram, Instagram/shamandurek

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  • Princess Märtha Louise's fiancé shares against the media

02 January 2023

after himself Princess Martha Louise of Norway (51) only shortly before Christmas with a message on Instagram against the press , her fiancé is now following suit. Share in a long post Durek Verrett (48) against the media, claiming that they tell lies about him just to sell their stories and create an 'anger mob' against him. 'It saddens me to see people calling me a liar regarding the amount of racism I have endured in Norway,' he began his Instagram post. 'Even if some people in Norway disagree with my spiritual practices, you should never call someone a swindler or a charlatan,' Verrett continued. This is just slanderous and the press wants to put him in a bad light. He demands: “Enough is enough! Tell the truth!”

The royal family has his back on this matter, as he asserts: 'I also think it's bad journalism to say that my future father-in-law and the rest of the royal family would not stand behind me when it comes to these racism allegations against me.' was welcomed by the whole family and they are said to have supported him and their engagement from the start. 'The truth is, my future in-laws, their family and I are very close. We have respect for each other's role in life.' His appeal to the press is: 'Stop manipulating the world with your lies and misinformation!' After all, King Harald of Norway (85) only spoke up about the allegations of racism and his future son-in-law at the beginning of November. 'We're getting to know each other better and we'll talk to him more, like in a family,' he said at a press event in Sykkylven at the side of his wife at the time.

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