Private insights: Meghan and Harry danced to this song in their married life


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  Britain's Prince Harry and his wife Meghan leave Windsor Castle for the wedding reception at Frogmore House in the evening. Prince Harry of Wales has married Meghan Markle. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA We
Your documentary now gives private insights into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding party © dpa, Steve Parsons

All the world looked at their wedding in May 2018: Now Duchess Meghan (41) and Prinz Harry (38) private insights into the mega event in a new teaser for the eagerly awaited second part of their documentary series 'Harry & Meghan'.

You don't know these wedding photos yet

'I just wanted the music to be fun,' Meghan recalls in the short video clip of her wedding day. 'Even on our first dance,' she adds with a smile. After the first two trailers for their documentary series have caused a lot of explosives and headlines this week , more forgiving tones are now struck. For the first time they talk about their first dance as husband and wife, their wedding dance.

They also share private shots of their wedding that have not yet been published. You can see the overjoyed wedding couple dancing together, laughing and lovingly looking into each other's eyes. One of her prominent party guests can also be seen dancing with the bride: Elton John (75).

The meaning of her wedding dance song

For the first time, the world also learns to which song Meghan and Harry started their married life. Even if the Duchess has problems getting the song title together in the interview: “Song of 1000 Dances? 1000… I always get it wrong,” she says, making her husband Harry smile. In the end, it's clear the royal wedding couple danced to Wilson Pickett's 1966 hit 'Land of 1000 Dances' in May 2018.

Meghan has fewer problems with the lyrics. As the name suggests (in German: 'Land of 1000 Dances'), the song is about exuberant fun and the wedding couple definitely had it, as the private, previously unpublished photos in the teaser show. 'That was our first dance. It was so fun! Easy to spin around like a whirlwind. It was so great,” the bride recalls on her big day.

In the video: 'Harry & Meghan' documentary divides the nation

Harry and Meghan break their silence

Harry and Meghan have filled a number of front pages and articles with their documentary in the past few days. It was even from one PR battle between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William and his wife Princess Kate (both 40) the speech. Publicly, the two are sometimes harshly attacked. They have already been accused of destroying the Royal Family !

Harry's memoirs will also be released early next year . Like the documentary now, the book is being eagerly awaited. (vne)

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