Proclamation of King Charles: This is why Camilla's role in the appointment was so important


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Is Camilla the new queen?

It's an extraordinary ceremony that takes us back to the centuries-old traditions of a long and fascinating monarchy: The Proclamation of the British King. On the morning of September 10, Charles III. (73) officially proclaimed the new monarch of the United Kingdom. The event, which was televised for the first time, was attended not only by the most important members of the Privy Council, but also by key figures in the life of the new king: his son and future heir to the throne Prince William (40) and his wife, the new one „Queen Consort“, Camilla (75). Here we explain why Camilla in particular played a special role in the proclamation.

What's next for the new king after Queen Elizabeth's death? Follow all developments here in the live ticker.

Charles counts on Camilla's 'continued support'.

King Charles was confirmed as Britain's new monarch and delivered his first official words to the public as king. The 73-year-old officially confirmed the death of his 'beloved mother' and vowed he would follow her 'inspiring example' during his reign. But not only the deceased monarch was mentioned in the proclamation speech. The king also paid tribute to Charles' wife with personal and loving words. 'I am deeply encouraged by the continued support of my beloved wife,' Charles said in his speech. We would never have seen such a personal gesture from the Queen, says RTL Royal expert Michael Begasse.

  Charles first words as British king

In the video: This role now has Charles' wife Camilla

  Charles now has that role' Frau Camilla

Camilla was hated for a long time

As the wife of King Charles, his wife Camilla deserves her due the title of the royal consort ('Queen Consort') . However, Camilla will only be addressed by the title 'Queen,' like Michael Begasse in the video above

The only question is whether this new title will also change your role in the royal family. Charles' 'eternal lover' has long had a reputation for destroying his marriage to Lady Di and was therefore regarded by the British people as a 'family destroyer'. However, since their marriage in 2005 grew the acceptance of Camilla as an integral part of royalty steadily . That should have become more than clear today, on this historic day in the British monarchy. The 75-year-old is the new king's biggest support and therefore more indispensable than ever! (lkr)

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