Psychologist explains: That's why Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriends never get older than 25


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  Leonardo DiCaprio likes his girlfriends young - preferably under 25
Leonardo DiCaprio likes his girlfriends young - preferably under 25 © picture alliance

Leonoard DiCaprio (47) and Camila Morrone (25) are expected to meet at the end of August split up after four years of relationship . For many, this news came as anything but a surprise – on the contrary. In Hollywood, it's long been a running gag that Leo dumps his girlfriends as soon as they get older than 25. Shortly before Camila's 25th birthday in June, the end of the relationship was predicted online and joked that the model would soon be too old for the actor. And indeed: just a few weeks later, separation headlines made the rounds. So why is it that Leo's friends never live past 25? A psychologist tries to explain the phenomenon.

Leonardo DiCaprio refuses to grow up

'Leonardo DiCaprio is handsome, wealthy, talented and popular with his friends. He has conditions that give him opportunities that very few of us have,' psychologist Emma Kenny told The Sun. 'His inability to stay in a long-term relationship may be a character flaw to some, but it's more likely a liking he developed due to the volatile Hollywood world where relationships rarely last. His parents divorced when he was a toddler, which may have skewed his perception of long-term relationships.'

The expert describes the actor as 'an emotionally immature boy who refuses to grow up.' And he can choose who he wants to be with until he either gets bored or until he realizes his girlfriend is getting married or has children would like to have.

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  Leonardo DiCaprio and his ex-girlfriends

After the separation, the wedding followed

In fact, many of his ex-girlfriends started families shortly after their relationship ended. This includes the models Gisele Bundchen , Bar Refaeli or Toni Garrn . Did Camila possibly want to get married and have offspring with the 47-year-old? The fact is: at 25, she seems to have reached the age limit for Leo. So she joins his exes Bar Relapse , Kelly Rohrbach and Nina Agdal, who all had to leave Leo's sinking Titanic forever at the age of 25. (devotee)

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