Queen Elizabeth II († 96): This is how she fulfilled her last wish


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  The Queen had very precise ideas and wishes regarding the course of the funeral service.
The Queen had very precise ideas and wishes as far as the course of her funeral service was concerned. © picture alliance

Not only was she the queen of hearts, she was obviously the queen of the organization! Queen Elizabeth II. († 96), whose State funeral followed by four billion people on TV should have had very clear ideas about their last trip. And a final wish that should come true far from the eyes of the world public.

For that moment, the Queen locked out almost everyone

2,000 invited guests, including heads of state such as US President Joe Biden (79) – who, by the way, sat very far back in the church – , attended the centenary memorial service on September 19 in London - and the whole world watched. But one act of the meticulously planned celebrations finally excluded almost all spectators at the request of the monarch.

Because after the moving service in Westminster Abbey and the subsequent ceremony in St. George's Chapel, where the coffin was lowered into the royal vault, a much more personal farewell followed in the evening. Far away from the TV cameras, in the close family circle, her closest confidants then accompanied the regent on her very last journey. Because that was also the wish of the animal-loving ruler, who had planned everything in advance: a last goodbye among the people close to her in the crypt of the chapel, and then her last resting place next to her deceased husband Philip († 99) and her parents. For this purpose, her coffin was finally reburied during the ceremony in the evening.

  Prince Philip died in April 2021, around a year and a half before the Queen.
Prince Philip died in April 2021, around a year and a half before the Queen. © imago images/Frank Sorge, Photo via www.imago-images.de, www.imago-images.de

Huge state act and huge mourning for the Queen

For more than 70 years, England's iconic queen sat on the British throne with her legendary colorful outfits. A long-term queen the likes of which the world had never seen before - no royal had reigned longer than her.

All over the world, people watched the moving images: That of Duchess Meghan (41), who cried for her husband Harry's grandmother. Or those of Princess Charlotte (7) and Prince George (9), who bravely attended the mega-act in honor of their great-grandmother and inspired the network . Even Queen's favorite horse Emma said goodbye, as well like the Queen's corgis saying goodbye to their mistress . (us)

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