Queen Elizabeth II: 'No regrets' before her death


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Queen Elizabeth II:"Keine Reue" vor ihrem Tod
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Queen Elizabeth II is said to have had 'no regrets' shortly before her death.

The late monarch died on September 8 at her Balmoral estate in Scotland, aged 96. Iain Greenshields received at his castle.

In an interview with ABC News, the minister said: 'She said right at the beginning of the time she became queen that she would ask God for wisdom. And that's something that has continued throughout her life. When I spoke to her about her faith, she said she had no regrets at all.” The 68-year-old cleric had met with the Queen, King Charles III, on the Sunday before her death. and Queen Camilla had dinner and lunch. He also revealed that the late monarch still had her famous sense of humor before her death and joked about sending him to the Tower of London. He revealed: 'I was put in the Tower Rooms and she joked, 'Your Queen will send you to the Tower now!' And she just smiled at me when she said that - she made sure I got the joke instead of being serious.' The pastor was shocked by her 'sudden' death after seeing her at his visitor had experienced 'so lively' and 'engaged'. He added: 'It just seemed amazing that the woman who was so vital, so alive and so committed, suddenly passed away and passed away.' He described the Queen of Britain as 'someone whose memory was extraordinary, someone who who knew everything about you, so she had done her homework'.

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