Queen Elizabeth II's will raises questions: Who owns what after her death?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Queen's Testament remains classified

Queen Elizabeth II , often referred to as the richest woman in the world, had enormous wealth in the form of investments, art, jewels and real estate during her decade-long reign. The exact value is still a secret to this day – a secret that too after her death initially not aired. What remains is the question of what to do with that private assets happened to the late monarch. RTL Royal expert Michael Begasse reveals details about the last will of the late monarch in the video above.

The Queen's private assets: around 500 million euros

The value of the British monarchy as a brand was estimated at around €88 billion by consultancy Brand Finance in 2017, with the Queen's personal wealth from investments, art, jewels and real estate being put at around €500 million by Forbes.

In the past, the wills of rulers, like those of other members of the royal family, remained private. However, according to a report in the British daily Express, the will of the Queen Mother - Queen Elizabeth I - was published on Royal.uk in May 2002.

The fact is: With the death of his mother, King Charles III inherits. a fortune in the millions, whereby as a monarch he avoids the inheritance tax of 40 percent. The royal family owes this fact to former Prime Minister John Major. The conservative politician justified this rule in 1993 by saying that otherwise there was a risk that the royal family's fortune would be fragmented over generations.

In the video: THAT was the extraordinary thing about the Queen

  Michael Begasse: THAT was the extraordinary thing about the Queen

Will sealing is designed to protect privacy

In a legal dispute over the will of Princess Margaret, younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II ., was declared by a court that the 'primary reason and purpose of sealing royal wills is to protect the ruler's privacy'. For legal reasons - because the deceased monarch was the source of legal authority - the royal will does not have to be published like others.

However, many parts of their wealth - palaces, crown jewels, works of art - do not fall into the category of their private property, but are held in trust for future generations and simply disappear the new monarch - King Charles III . - above.

Important detail: Although the Queen was exempt from tax liability, she had pledged in 1993 to voluntarily pay income and capital gains tax. It is expected that King Charles will do the same.

Specifically, it is about the Duchy of Lancaster, which is owned by the British monarch. This includes extensive estates, especially in central England, but also companies in London. The fortune was last valued at £650m (€750m), according to the financial report. (lkr)

Elizabeth II - A life between heart and crown

There are many queens, but only one Queen: Elizabeth II ascended the throne of the United Kingdom at just 25 years old. Throughout her life she was one of the most powerful women in the world. Very few people know what unbelievable dramas took place behind the palace walls. Touching secrets of a monarch of the century are revealed on RTL+.

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