Queen Elizabeth II: This photo shows the Queen just a few weeks before her death


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Queen Elizabeth II. im August 2022 in Balmoral.
Queen Elizabeth II. im August 2022 in Balmoral. © ddp/News Licensing

Queen Elizabeth II. continued to pursue her great passion in the last weeks of her life. Just before the queen died on September 8th at the age of 96, she was photographed attending a bagpipe concert.

The Queen listens in a good mood to the sounds of the bagpipes

In mid-August, the 96-year-old visited with some family members like Prince Andrew (62) and Prinz Edward (58) a concert of her favorite group 'The Sons of Scotland Pipe Band'. The Canadian Pipe Band performed in private for Her Majesty. The performance took place in front of Balmoral Castle - which is why she is wrapped up warm in a snap that has now been released. The recording is one of the last photos of the Queen. You can see her in a thick jacket, a plaid skirt and sunglasses sitting under a pavilion. She seems relaxed and content listening to the music.

'She really enjoyed it, laughed and smiled and was on top form,' quotes Pipe Major Bethany Bisaillon as saying: 'Throughout the performance she clapped along and had a great time. It was a privilege to perform for them at the Balmoral, it was our fifth time. We will miss them very much. ”While the Queen had given the band a tour of the castle in previous years, this time she would have skipped a tour.

The fact that the monarch must have exploited her life to the last breath proved that that two days before her death she welcomed the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, to Balmoral Castle. The weekend before, she also attended a dinner with family and guests, according to The Sun, and was 'in brilliant shape' and 'elated,' according to sources.

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That the Queen loved bagpipe music was last made clear during her funeral. It was Major Paul Burns of the Royal Regiment of Scotland who, at the request of the deceased, provided musical accompaniment to the services. (dga)

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