Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip & Co.: Why do so many royals reach such an old age?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on their wedding anniversary on November 20, 2018
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on their wedding anniversary on November 20, 2018 © picture alliance, Owen Humphreys

Queen Elizabeth (†) has reached a proud age of 96 years. But she is not the only one in her family - other members of the British royal family have become very old. Why is that?

private doctors and cooks

Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip turned 99 years old her mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon even proud 101 years! On average, British royals lived 30 years longer than their British subjects, according to a recent study by the University of Illinois in Chicago.

In addition to a positive genetic predisposition, this is mainly due to the social and financial status. The royals can access the best specialists at any time. They also have the financial resources to be able to afford very good cooks and other important services. The Queen is also said to have led an exemplary life. She went for walks and horseback riding every day, ate a healthy diet high in vegetables and low in carbohydrates, and kept her mind sharp with current events. But even a queen sins every now and then: She is said to have drunk up to four cocktails, but always spread over the day, according to insider circles.

Queen was a non-smoker

The Queen and Prince Philip's quit smoking habits may also have contributed to their long lives. Elizabeth had her sister Princess Margaret (1930-2002), her father George VI. (1895-1952), her uncle Eduard VIII. (1894-1972), her grandfather George V. (1865-1936) and her great-grandfather Eduard VII. (1841-1910), among other things, as a result of smoking. The Queen herself is said to have never smoked and allegedly asked to do so

  All information about the farewell to the monarch

These heads of state are expected at the funeral

Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8th . The monarch's funeral will take place on September 19. In addition to the monarch's immediate family, important statesmen and women are expected to attend the funeral . US President Joe Biden had promised to attend the funeral service. Aristocrats from other European royal houses, including Queen Margrethe of Denmark (82), King Harald (85) and Queen Sonja (85) of Norway, are also expected. Aside from the celebrity mourners, countless royal fans will line the streets of London to say goodbye to their Queen.

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