Queen's funeral footage: Royals use veto on five scenes


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 Queen's funeral footage: Royals use veto on five scenes
The Royal Family farewell to Queen Elizabeth II. © imago/PA Images, SpotOn

Deal with broadcasters

British TV channels have apparently vetoed the use of footage from Queen Elizabeth II's funeral (1926-2022) by the royal family. This is reported by The Guardian. Accordingly, there is an agreement with the news channels. This is intended to give the Palace the right to request that certain footage of the funeral services at Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle not be shown again.

Palace staff reportedly sent messages to the BBC, ITV News and Sky News during the funeral with the timestamps of the footage, which they wanted to exclude from future news broadcasts and social media clips, according to the report. As a result, five short videos with members of the royal family are said to have been withdrawn from circulation, the Guardian continued. The fact that the royal family was able to influence reporting caused 'discomfort' among some media representatives.

From the palace there was a 'special request' to the broadcasters not to disturb the mourning of individual members of the royal family. According to the Guardian, the unedited live broadcast of the funeral can be shown in media libraries for a month. As the newspaper claims to have learned from sources from the broadcasters, however, negotiations are being held with Buckingham Palace as to which parts can be shown after this point in time. Such vetoes are 'unusual,' they say.

Four billion viewers worldwide

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 in Balmoral, Scotland, was watched on Monday (19 September) by 37.5 million UK viewers. An estimated four billion people around the world attended the funeral services.

The Queen was born alongside her husband Prince Philip (1921-2021) and her parents, King George VI. (1895-1952) and Queen Mum (1900-2002), buried in the King George VI side chapel at Windsor Castle. Only close family members attended the funeral. Around 800 guests are said to have attended the service in the St. George's main chapel in the early afternoon. The Queen's state funeral took place at London's Westminster Abbey on Monday afternoon, attended by 2,000 guests, including heads of state from around the world.

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