Queen's funeral: Prince George is scheduled to attend the state funeral


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  Will Prince George Attend Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral?
Will Prince William take his son George to the Queen's funeral? © imago images/Starface, SpotOn

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II (1926 – 2022) A lot has changed in the British royal family. Prince Charles has ascended the throne as the new king and passed his title of Prince of Wales to his eldest son, Prince William. Wife Duchess Kate became the new 'Princess of Wales' - the first after the death of Princess Diana. And Williams and Kate's eldest son Prince George are also approaching new times. The 9-year-old is now second in line to the British throne so is the future of the crown. And that's exactly why palace advisors are now recommending that the boy attend the late Queen's state funeral.

Prince George is said to be part of the procession

Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral is set to be a logistical mega-event the world has yet to see. With more than a million people expected in London alone, it's believed half the world's population will be watching as the record-breaking monarch is laid to rest. This day will undoubtedly go down in history. Wouldn't it be fatal if the next heirs to the throne weren't there?

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While Prince William is almost certain to be present at the funeral on Monday, September 19, 2022, his son's attendance has not been an issue so far. According to the 'Daily Mail', high-ranking officials from Buckingham Palace have now spoken out and recommended that William and Kate take their eldest child with them.

'The courtiers are keen for Prince George to be present at the funeral in some way, if only to convince the nation of the order of succession,' palace insiders said. Another source is said to have confirmed that negotiations are currently in progress.

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  How will the Queen's funeral be?

Can the kids mourn in private?

So it is still completely unclear whether Prince William and Princess Kate really want to expect their son to have such a sad occasion. The youngest members of the royal family had not been shown in public since the Queen's death in early September. Prince George and his siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis may not play a major role at the funeral to protect their emotions and psyche.

After all, her father knows only too well what an impact a public appearance at such a young age can have in the midst of a period of grief. When he had to walk behind her coffin during the funeral procession after the death of his mother Princess Diana in 1997, all eyes were on him. He has not recovered from that moment to this day, nor has his younger brother Prince Harry. (cch)

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