Queen's funeral: That's why Prince George's suit wasn't black, it was blue


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  September 19, 2022, Great Britain, London: (from left to right) Kate, Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, King's wife Camilla, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Princess Beatrice leaving Westminster Abbey after the state ceremony
Prince George stood out in his blue suit. © dpa, Martin Meissner, DJ nic

As on Monday (September 19) Queen Elizabeth II. was buried, prevailed for all those present a strict dress code . The female guests were even asked to wear dark-colored tights instead of skin-colored tights. The look of . was all the more surprising for many Royal fans Prince George (9). Unlike his family members, he wore a dark blue suit. Did the Mini-Royal break the protocol?

That's behind Prince George's blue suit

  September 19, 2022, Great Britain, London: King's wife Camilla (front, l-r), Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Kate (2nd row), Princess of Wales and Meghan (back l, half covered), Duchess of Sussex, walk on the day of the King's state funeral
Prince George wears a blue suit. © dpa, Hannah Mckay, lop

Of course, George's funeral look isn't a fashion fail. Because while the small Charlotte (7) with her clothes and black hat absolutely corresponded to the dress code, her older brother, who is now second in line to the throne after his father Prince William (40), also adhered to the conditions of the royal family.

According to Hello!, any dark color - including navy blue - is considered decency and shows respect for the deceased. the queen which was known for her bright and colorful ensembles, would also have liked that her great-grandson appeared in a different color than the classic black.

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An exception was made for Prince George, however

'It is interesting that the position behind the coffin was not in the order of the protocol, but in the order of the heart,' explains the RTL Royal expert Michael Begasse the scene when the Queen's coffin was brought into St. George's Chapel. Because directly behind them were the four children of the queen: 'In terms of the order of precedence, it would actually have been that behind King Charles III. William and then little George comes. But you can also see that it is being adapted to modernity. At that time it would not have been possible for a nine-year-old child to walk so close behind a coffin. I think that's really nice.' (dga)

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