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  Rafi Rachek describes himself as"bodenständig".
Rafi Rachek describes himself as 'down to earth'. © IMAGO/Future Image, IMAGO/gbrci, www.imago-images.de

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  • Rafi Rachek doesn't need a celebrity to be happy in love
  • Kim Gloss gives Baby Golda the bottle – and encourages mothers

November 20: Rafi Rachek opens up about his dating preferences

Reveals during a question and answer session on Instagram Rafi Rachek that he would have no problem dating a non-celebrity. 'Of course!' writes the 32-year-old in his story. He thinks that would have advantages. 'For example, down-to-earthness is extremely important to me, even if you wouldn't think that of me at first.'

He is not like most 'Z celebrities who think they are important because they define themselves through Instagram or a blue tick'. Character is much more important.

November 19, 2022: Kim Gloss encourages mothers

Kim Gloss (30) became a mother for the second time a few months ago – Baby Golda is her pride and joy. But in the past few days, the girl kept the former DSDS candidate busy. 'Dear friends, I just wanted to get in touch and tell you why I'm so fix and all. The night was horrible,' the singer tells her Instagram community in her story. It was the worst night she had ever had with her little mouse: 'She's not usually that restless. But for the past few days, she's been waking up every hour.'

The reason for this is also quickly found. 'She just can't get enough. It is like it is. I fought to the end without supplementing. I've managed to do it until now, but since last night there's no other way. She is unhappy and not full and Mom is at her wits end,' sums up Kim. In addition to breastfeeding, Golda now also gets the bottle from now on - and it works wonders! 'She really is a different child, she's a different person. So relaxed, happy, sleeps better. She just didn't have enough milk,' she explains, and finally turns to other mums: 'People, don't listen to others. You're not a bad mother if you don't breastfeed or if you supplement. Now I just listen to my gut feeling and the little one is doing much better.”

18. November 2022

  Richard Heinze
Richard Heinze © picture alliance

Richard Heinze in the hospital because of the pain of separation?

suffers Richard Heinze (25) of a broken heart? The reality TV actor has reached out to his fans with shocking news. Just a few weeks ago, the former 'Love Island' participant confirmed the separation rumors: he and influencer Caroline Einhoff (31) are no longer together! Immediately afterwards, the 25-year-old also explained that there would be no 'bad blood' between the two. So far so good. But now Richard has been hospitalized. Does the love-off bother him more than he admits - so much that his heart suffers? Richard explains in his Instagram story: “The last few days have been a bit turbulent for me. I had a normal day and in the evening I went to a restaurant. In the restaurant I suddenly felt uncomfortable and my heart jumped. I thought it was an arrhythmia and then my circulation collapsed as well.” Sounds almost like it's serious. But Richard gives his fans the all-clear: 'Nothing was found in my heart in the hospital!' We wish Richard a speedy recovery.

17. November 2022

  Gülcan Kamps suffers with her baby
Gülcan Kamps suffers with her baby © Instagram

Many mums are probably familiar with the problem: as soon as you put the child in the high chair, it gets up or gymnastics around wildly. Of that can also Gulcan Kamps sing a song. 'Unfortunately, I can no longer avoid buckling up my child when eating,' admits the 40-year-old to her Instagram followers. 'The little mouse is just too fast and sporty for me and is on the high chair within a second,' explains the ex-VIVA presenter. Better safe than sorry here.

Reading tips: Gülcan Celebrates Baby Kamps Special Milestone

'Baby Kamps' doesn't seem to blame his mom for these safety precautions.
“But the best thing about it is the look from my kid. Almost like: 'Haha, look mom! I know I'm not allowed to climb my chair, but I'm a free spirit and I'll do it anyway,'' Gülcan laughs. But she can't blame the little 'free spirit' for his attempts to break out anyway, if he or she looks 'sooooooo cute' that mommy just can't scold him properly.

16. November 2022

Eight years were Charlotte Worthy (44) and Been (41) married - two years ago the couple then decided to to officially go their separate ways. In an honest interview, the moderator now makes it clear that the separation and, above all, the divorce were not easy: “A divorce requires all the courage you can muster. I would even say more than the wedding,' she admits in an interview with 'Bunte' and adds: 'The moment you put your signature under the divorce certificate, everything you dreamed of as a couple ends up, what you build together wanted, in another brochure. That hurts.”

But even if the divorce cost her a lot of courage and strength, after the appointment Charlotte and her ex-husband Paul Würdig, as Sido's real name is, went to the Italian. 'It was important to both of us that we didn't part with a handshake, but still eat together,' she explains of the dinner together. Bad blood does not flow between them to this day: 'Paul will forever remain an important part of my life, albeit different than two years ago.'

Ex-Bachelor Paul Janke gets naked for a good cause

One or the other must have taken a second look. Paul Janke (41) has posted a picture of himself on Instagram that has it all. In the black and white photo, the ex-bachelor lies naked in a hammock! Only a palm leaf covers his 'best piece'. Of course, the women's world is upside down.

Matching the photo. Because that too is upside down. For a good cause. With the picture, Paul advertises an action as part of the RTL Spendenmarathon s. Paul asks his fans: 'Post a photo on Instagram: Turned 180 degrees upside down and use the hashtag #GemeinsamWasRoten. Every picture helps with one euro for the RTL donation marathon and every cent counts!” The RTL donation marathon takes place on November 17th and 18th.

15. November 2022

Anna Wilken hasn't wished for anything more than a baby for so long, but because of her endometriosis, her dream has so far remained unfulfilled . The 26-year-old is currently undergoing fertility treatment – ​​and that requires a lot of strength. The model posted a photo of herself in a hospital gown on Instagram and reports on her tenth follicle puncture. According to the doctors, everything went well, but the “excitement is always the same”. No wonder, after all, Anna has already had several artificial inseminations and two miscarriages. And not only that, they also take these treatments physically with them: 'Unfortunately, the pain is now getting more and more intense, which is why I'm resting diligently at home,' she writes in her Instagram post.

But Anna Wilken is confident even after the emotional roller coaster ride of recent years. “10 oocytes could be obtained, 5 of which are mature and of very good quality. I'm very thankful for these 5!!!' These 'fighters' are even fertilized on the same day. 'Now it's time to be patient!' Maybe the 26-year-old will be lucky this time and will soon be able to hold her little miracle in her arms.

Simone Kowalski surprises with a before and after photo

Actually we know GNTM winner Simone Kowalksi in the perfect model look. Now the 25-year-old beauty makes an exception and gives an unembellished before and after look behind the scenes of the supposedly glamorous model life on Instagram. With swollen eyes, a monobrow and pimples, she smiles at the camera. 'I'm not ashamed of the way I look because that's still me. Even if I'm not beautiful on the outside, I'm still beautiful on the inside,' she clarifies under her snaps.

This step is very well received by Simone's community. It hails hearts and amorous comments. 'You are such a beautiful person, outside and inside,' enthuses a follower. 'Beautiful words from a beautiful soul,' agrees another fan. With so much encouragement, the GNTM winner will certainly show the unembellished truth more often.

14. November 2022

  Jenny Frankhauser
Jenny Frankhauser announces a social media break © Jenny Frankhauser / Instagram

Indefinitely: Jenny Frankhauser takes a break from social media

In September 2022, the everyday life of Jenny Frankhauser (30) and Stephen King (31) completely turned upside down – they have become parents for the first time! But even after the birth, Daniela Katzenberger's (36) half-sister only knew one thing: full throttle! Breaks and time for friend Steffen and son Damian Andreas were probably too short, which is why the jungle camp winner decided to take a social media break.

The 30-year-old announced this yesterday via Instagram story and went on her well-deserved break with these words: 'I'll be offline for a few days and enjoy some rest. I just need that. I think two weeks of baby break were just too short,' writes the new mom and continues: 'I feel the need to withdraw a little. With the next baby, I'll definitely take four to six weeks off in childbirth, which every mom should take for herself.'

Sounds like Jenny's pretty drained. But she also admits that: 'It doesn't always work... and that's ok.' That's exactly how we see it!

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