Rapper and skateboard acrobat: SHE is Germany's youngest billionaire


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  PRODUCTION - July 15, 2022, Berlin: Elisabeth Furtwängler sits with her skateboard in a bowl in the Gleisdreieck skate park. The daughter of the actress Maria Furtwängler and the publisher Hubert Burda makes music under the stage name Kerfor. (to
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She is the daughter of publisher Hubert Burda (82) and 'Tatort' commissioner Maria Furtwängler (55) and is considered the youngest billionaire in Germany . Elisabeth Furtwängler (30) recently released her first single as a rapper and talks about origins, privilege and goals. Do you need 'ghetto smell' to do rap?

Rap career despite billions in assets?

Elisabeth Furtwängler wants to find her own way as a musician. 'My goal is to keep making music. My wish is that people listen to it, that it appeals to them and that I can touch them,' said the 30-year-old from Munich to the German Press Agency. Furtwängler lives in Berlin and makes rap and pop music under the stage name Kerfor.

  What is behind the Furtwangler-Burda separation

In August, she released her first single 'Never Ready, Go!' and a music video with German skateboarding Olympian Lilly Stoephasius (15), which she co-directed. Furtwängler is also concerned with her origins as an artist. Forbes magazine puts her fortune at around 1.2 billion euros. Like her brother Jacob Burda, she holds 37.5 percent of the Burda group holding company.

Elisabeth Furtwängler wants to use her privileges and stand up for women

'Amy Winehouse, Eminem, Whitney Houston... quite a few of the iconic stars come from very difficult backgrounds of violence, drugs and poverty,' she said. She asked herself whether you need this background to do rap - and there are also many rappers who come from middle-class backgrounds. “I think there is room for different approaches and for many stories. And mine is definitely not the one from the ghetto,” says the newcomer.

You have a lot of privileges, a lot of freedom. That's why she wants to do something that supports people who aren't lucky enough to have grown up with so many privileges. With her mother, she founded the Malisa Foundation, which campaigns against violence against women and for gender equality. Her commitment also includes women in the music scene, as they do not yet play the same role as men there.

'Music was always present in our family'

Music is a big topic in the family: Maria Furtwängler's great-uncle was the conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler. 'Music was always very present in our family, more classical music - for example at Christmas the Bach oratorio and Mozart's Requiem,' says the young woman from Munich. But you've always listened to rap. After studying art in Cambridge, Elisabeth went to Los Angeles to study music. 'Music was always my refuge when I was sad or when I wasn't feeling well. Then I put on headphones and went for a walk,” she says. Her stage name Kerfor stands for 'to care for', i.e. for what is important to you.

It is not yet clear what role she will play in the Burda Group in the future. Like her brother, she is currently on the board of directors. Both see themselves as active partners who want to live up to their responsibilities. 'Growing into this role is a process and the next few years will show how our involvement in the company can be shaped,' says Elisabeth. She always felt the need to learn and understand. But it's very clear that my music will be the center of attention. (dpa / evo)

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