Really now? Martina Big is planning THESE further interventions


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Among other things, Martina Big wishes for even larger breasts
Martina Big is planning further interventions © Frank S. Bauer / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Martina Big (34) is known for strange headlines and her extreme change, which she likes to report extensively on TV. The former stewardess has already changed her hair, waist, skin color and often her breasts. Martina Adam, as she was born, now has cup size T. She is already considered the woman with the largest breasts in Europe. But the 'African Barbie' want to go further.

At Martina Big the motto is: 'More is more'

The TV fame has been going under the knife regularly for her looks for the past ten years – and she's not done with it yet. The 34-year-old wants to become an 'extreme Barbie' and undergo further breast and lip augmentation. She confirmed this in an interview with the magazine 'Promiflash'. She also wants to have butt implants that fit her bust size. Her next surgery is due in the fall.

In the video: This is Martina Big's sex with huge breasts

 Martina Big: That's sex with huge breasts

Martina Big loves her XXXL breasts

Until then, Martina Big is definitely not boring. Martina Big reveals that her XXXL breasts provide a special kick, especially in bed : “After every fill-up, the tickle is back. Because you always have to try again! It never gets boring.” She knows that with breasts that big, you need a lot of practice. That shouldn't bother her husband Michael . He also adapts to his wife's ideal of beauty. For for his Martina he even gave himself injections to get a darker skin tone.

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