Rebecca Mir wants to give cancer patients new courage to face life


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  Rebecca Mir wants to give cancer patients new courage to face life
A real affair of the heart: Rebecca Mir gives a cancer patient an unforgettable morning. © Benno Kraehahn, DKMS Life in partnership with L'Oréal Paris, SpotOn

The moderator in an interview

Together with DKMS Life, Rebecca Mir (30) not only wants to draw attention to the topic of cancer, but also give those who are ill new hope and courage to face life. 'I try to actively focus on the positive sides of life,' explains the 30-year-old in an interview. One should never lose one's dreams. Together with her partner L'Oréal Paris, the moderator surprised an animal-loving patient in Hamburg - with time together and a short hike with alpacas.

DKMS Life has set itself the task of using free patient programs to positively influence the healing process of those affected and to increase the quality of life during therapy. The campaign motto of the last few years 'cancer doesn't take a break' will be supplemented this year with 'DKMS Life gives courage to dream'. With prominent supporters such as Rebecca Mir, the non-profit organization is fulfilling the wishes and dreams of those affected this year. The nationwide event day 'dreamday' will also take place on September 22 under the motto 'Dream Big'.

Dear Rebecca, how exactly is your commitment to DKMS Life?

Rebecca Mir: Together with L'Oréal Paris, I am supporting DKMS Life this year in their patient programs for women and men suffering from cancer. I have already taken part in a cosmetics workshop and was able to approach the topic from a completely new perspective. In addition, there are other exciting activities that I am really looking forward to! Under the motto 'Dream Big', for example, the wishes and dreams of cancer patients are brought into focus and fulfilled. They are dreams that give hope and can help positively influence the healing process.

Will you also be working as a dream fulfiller this year?

Mir: Exactly, I met a DKMS Life patient who had had very difficult months due to breast cancer. We surprised the patient with an alpaca hike on a farm near Hamburg. It was not only for her that an absolute dream came true. I myself am also a big alpaca fan and was really looking forward to this morning.

How do you manage to give the sick women courage, strength and confidence again?

Mir: I myself have had a few points of contact with those affected in my private life and I know that they want one thing above all: to be treated normally, without exuberant pity. Accordingly, I try to go into the discussions and meetings with the patients with an open mind and to actively focus on the positive sides of life. I think it's important to convey hope and joie de vivre and to encourage people to never lose sight of their dreams.

Have you ever lost someone in your private life to cancer?

Mir: In our circle of acquaintances there was an affected person. We started a big fundraiser and were able to collect some donations to treat the disease. Unfortunately, his story didn't have a happy ending.

How afraid are you of getting cancer yourself?

Mir: Fortunately, no genetic predisposition has been identified in my family that could or would be a major cause for concern. But of course I have great respect for the disease. It is therefore very important to me to regularly take advantage of medical offers for cancer screening.

So you go to check-ups regularly.

Mir: Yes, I actually go to regular check-ups. As a woman in particular, it is important to examine yourself regularly in order to detect cysts or the like at an early stage.

What are you doing for your health?

Mir: I spend a lot of time outside in the fresh air, like to do sport regularly. And even if I don't always succeed, I try to eat healthily and eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

It's not the first time you've volunteered. Do you see it as an obligation for you to get involved as a celebrity for a good cause?

Mir: I have always liked to get involved in things and purposes that are very close to my heart. Even before I was in public, my commitment to a good cause was a matter close to my heart. On September 22nd, I will join L'Oréal Paris at the charity soiree of the traditional 'dreamday' to raise much-needed donations for DKMS Life's patient programs and raise awareness for cancer alongside many dedicated guests.

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