Reconciliation Queen: Elizabeth II is said to have encouraged Meghan to speak to her father


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  The Queen wanted a Markle reconciliation
The Queen wanted a Markle reconciliation © picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS | Steve Parsons | Stefan Jeremiah

Royally forgiving?! The ratio of Duchess Meghan (40) to her father Thomas Markle (77) is considered cracked and extremely difficult, the two argued publicly. Of course, the deceased also knew about it Queen Elizabeth II. († 96). And apparently didn't want to accept it that way. Because the grandma of Meghan's sweetheart, Prinz Harry (38), is said to have encouraged the actress to talk to her estranged father.

That's what the Queen said about the Markle debacle

As reported by Page Six, royal expert Katie Nicholl now claims so in her The New Royals. Accordingly, the English queen wanted to convince Markle to mend the fragile relationship. The new book says:

'The Queen could see how damaging the situation between Meghan and her father was. And she spoke to Meghan about it and tried to encourage her to talk to Thomas.'

A royal source also told author Nicholl that the British ruler felt the whole thing was 'poorly handled'. And: 'If it had been done differently, it would have turned out better.'

In the video: Thomas Markle's stroke alarm

  Stroke! Meghan's father in the hospital

The Chronicle of the Quarrel Markles

The fight chronicle of father and daughter Markle? Wild! On Meghan's wedding Thomas did not take part, allegedly due to health problems. However, it was later revealed that the Duchess's dad had staged paparazzi photos to put himself in a better public light.

In addition he poisoned because his daughter and her husband Harry did not attend the memorial service for the Queen's late husband, Prince Philip . 'The fact that the two were not there was a slap in the face to the Queen,' rumbled the American. In the past, the belligerent didn't leave a good hair on his daughter's husband either. 'He follows my daughter like a kid,' Markle quipped about the prince.

  Apparently not Thomas' Lieblingsprinz: Harry an der Seite seiner Meghan.
Apparently not Thomas' favorite prince: Harry at his Meghan's side. © dpa, Kirsty O'connor, pat nic

Markle has been unable to speak since he had a stroke

In 2022, Thomas Markle suffered a stroke. In August, his son, Meghan's half-brother Thomas Markle Jr., then spoke up. His father lost his ability to speak as a result of the stroke.

'Dad is doing surprisingly well,' said Jr. about the 77-year-old on the British broadcaster 'GB News'. The ailing man himself wrote a message on a sign. 'Thank you to the British people for their best wishes and goodwill,' it said. However, a reconciliation between the former cameraman and his famous daughter, as desired by the Queen, is in the stars. (us)

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