Relationship status & mom plans: Michelle Hunziker privately like never before


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 Michelle Hunziker on relationship status and family planning

In April next year, Michelle Hunziker will be 'Nonna' (Italian grandma) for the first time. When she thinks back to the moment when Daughter Aurora (25) told her she was pregnant , she still gets teary-eyed today. 'It was so emotional and so beautiful,' says Michelle. The 45-year-old presenter, who became a mother for the first time at the age of 19, could well imagine having a baby herself, as she explains in an interview with Frauke Ludowig.

Michelle Hunziker is only available in the patchwork family package

'Oh why not, I'm such a mom person. There are people who just like it.' the mom of three . But there would be a catch. Because: She doesn't have the right partner at her side at the moment. The 45-year-old is currently single, as she reveals in the interview. 'I've always said that people think I have so many offers, that's not the case.' After two failed marriages, she put the idea of ​​​​a picture book relationship aside anyway. It is important to her that a new partner gives her something positive.

And there's something else: Michelle Hunziker is only available in a package - and that's pretty big by now. 'Now I'm a woman with three children with two ex-husbands and a very busy life,' clarifies the power woman, who recently started studying business management. The patchwork family is everything to her: 'That's exactly my character. My goal in life is to live truly harmoniously with all these people that I love and always will love.”

'Then I really cry into my pillow'

So, all peace joy pancakes? No, there are days in Michelle Hunziker's life when she closes the door behind her and cries into her pillow. The 45-year-old also talks about such moments with Frauke Ludowig in our video. (abl)

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