Renata Lusin's third miscarriage: 'Let's Dance' professional does not want to give up


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  Renata Lusin talks about her third miscarriage on Instagram.
Renata Lusin talks about her third miscarriage on Instagram. © renata_lusin / Instagram

They were so looking forward to their child! Overjoyed, the professional dancers Renata and Valentin Lusin announced live on 'Let's Dance' in February that they would become parents. Just a few weeks later, Renata loses the child. Now the 35-year-old is reporting to Instagram for the first time after her miscarriage – with a declaration of war.

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After the birth of her baby, Renata Lusin wanted to tell about the miscarriages before

Renata Lusin explains to her followers that she needed “a few days off” – and is visibly struggling to regain her composure in her Instagram video. For the third time she has lost a child. She had deliberately not discussed her two previous miscarriages and apologizes to her followers: 'I wanted to tell you about it when I had a healthy baby. But now I knew I can't lie to you guys. I don't want to lie to you.” Renata explains that now is “the right time” to talk about all miscarriages. Because talking about it is good for her, according to the professional dancer.

'It is very important for me to encourage other women, so that they know that they are not alone,' Renata explains her open approach to the subject of miscarriage. She received 'countless messages' from other affected people: 'It's kind of good for me to know that it's almost normal.' It's 'shocking' for her how many women lose their children, but to know that they not alone or ill, helped her.

Renata has a benign tumor on the pituitary gland

Of course, the fact that she lost a child three times in a row made Renata 'amazed'. But her doctors are relaxed: 'They say: 'Renata, you will get pregnant naturally so quickly, everything is fine with you,'' he explains „Let’s Dance“ -Star.

Nevertheless, after the second miscarriage, she had herself checked out for any possible triggers. Without result.

However, Renata has an adenoma on the pituitary gland. Pituitary adenomas are benign tumors of the pituitary gland. This increases the level of the hormone prolactin. A consequence of this: Renata no longer gets her period and does not ovulate, so she cannot get pregnant. She takes medication once a week to get her cycle. Which she must stop immediately if she is pregnant.

Renata doesn't know whether the prolactin level played a role in her miscarriages, and the studies aren't clear either: 'But that's the only thing that's wrong with me.'

In the video: Renata Lusin does not want to give up hope for a child

  Dancer Renata Lusin does not give up hope for offspring

For Renata and Valentin there is now 'no turning back'.

  Renata and her husband Valetin Lusin are among the professional dancers on 'Let's Dance".
Renata and her husband Valetin Lusin are among the professional dancers on 'Let's Dance'. © dpa, Rolf Vennenbernd, we are

Renata was of course 'very sad' about the miscarriage. 'But now I have the feeling: Now more than ever!' Valentin and she want to 'fight' for their family happiness: 'There is no turning back!' In a few cycles, Valentin and she want to try again. But then keep the pregnancy a secret for the first three crucial months.

From now on, Renata doesn't want to talk too much about pregnancy and miscarriage, she explains to her followers: 'Because then I remember it. I'm done with it now and I feel great. It goes on. Normal life. I'm smiling again.'

She is a positive person and doesn't want to have any more negative thoughts: 'Because I know it will work.' We're keeping our fingers crossed! (csp)

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