Reunited with Harry & Meghan: THIS is what Princess Kate says about the surprising reunion


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  . 10/09/2022. Windsor, United Kingdom. William , Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales ,  William and Kate Middleton  together with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle , the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, look at the floral tributes at Windsor Ca
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The death of Queen Elizabeth II († 96) brings the 'Fab Four' together again: together with their wives Princess Kate (40) and Duchess Meghan (41) were Prince William (40) and Prinz Harry (37) appeared outside Windsor Castle to receive the condolences of the British people. During a surprise tour, the couples appeared side by side – an unusual picture, after all, the four had not been seen together in public for two years. It is Kate who now sheds some light on why this may have changed.

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First appearance together in 2 years

The two couples had their differences obviously put aside during the 40-minute walk to the monarch, who died peacefully in Balmoral on September 8th at the age of 96 , to commemorate. They gazed in sympathy at the flowers that had been laid at the royal residence, walking together along part of Windsor's famous 'Long Walk'. It has been two years since William, Kate, Harry and Meghan last stood side by side in public during the 2020 Commonwealth Day service at Wesminster Abbey. Why the turning point now?

In the video: Duchess Meghan gives comfort to the British people

  Duchess Meghan gives comfort to the British people

unity in difficult times

Speaking to a grieving family, the Princess of Wales said that 'at times like these you have to come together'. The Telegraph reports. So it's the Queen's death that puts the feud between the brothers on the back burner, apparently the grieving royals made a conscious decision to act as one at this difficult time. But King Charles is also said to have played a role: it was said. the new regent had expressed the wish that his sons and their wives present themselves in public together . Nonetheless: A body language expert noticed that there was a certain distance and reserve between the two couples. (lkr)

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