Richard Lugner: Construction tycoon can hardly get out of bed in the Maldives


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Richard Lugner is only sick in bed during his vacation
Richard Lugner is only sick in bed during his vacation © Richard Lugner

Every year, Austria's best-known building contractor flies to the Maldives. Relax under palm trees, in bright sunshine and with good food Richard Lugner actually from the hardships of the year - but this time the mood was clouded, because for the 90-year-old it means: bed instead of sea. RTL spoke to the entrepreneur about his current state of health on vacation.

Richard Lugner: 'I'm not feeling well'

You fly for hours to relax in the sun - and then you just lie in bed. This is currently the case for the Austrian entrepreneur Richard Lugner, who currently has little to smile about during his annual vacation to the Maldives. RTL called Lugner and asked about his current state of health.

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'I'm not doing good. I've had a cold since October and I still haven't recovered,' the entrepreneur told RTL in a phone call. On the island he visited a doctor who prescribed antibiotics for him. Prescription: absolute bed rest!

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  Richard Lugner tries to relax by the pool
Richard Lugner tries to relax by the pool © Richard Lugner

Lugner still celebrates New Year's Eve

The 90-year-old still celebrated New Year's Eve – as best he could. Lugner RTL showed how he did it with a video. You can see a pool, tables with white tablecloths have been set up and the businessman is right in the middle. Together with the other guests, he counts down the countdown and at midnight the fireworks will light up in the background.

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And even if he naturally enjoyed this moment, Lugner spends most of his time in his room. 'I have to get well so that I can live again,' he reports on the phone.

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He's still in paradise until January 10th, so he still has a little time to get really healthy - and, as we can see, he can spend it at his own pool.

Anyway, we wish you a speedy recovery. (msu)

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