Risk of confusion with shock rocker: Noah Cyrus is hardly recognizable


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  With this look, Noah Cyrus reminds many followers of shock rocker Marylin Manson.
Noah Cyrus is almost unrecognizable at the Alexandre Vauthier runway show in Paris. © action press, ActionPress, sz

Well, if that isn't a transformation! You have to look twice to see which celebrity it is. would you have recognized her? It's Noah Cyrus (23), the younger sister of Miley Cyrus (30), who presents herself here in a completely new look. And how could it be otherwise, the new styling on the net provides a lot of material for discussion – her followers even compare the singer with a well-known shock rocker!

Noah Cyrus has undergone an extreme transformation in recent years

Noah Cyrus used to be rather inconspicuous with her blond hair and seemed shy. But Miley's sister's appearance soon changed - her hair became darker and her clothes more revealing. However, her current look trumps everything that has gone before. The singer is just 23 years old, but her makeover makes her look years older.

At the Alexandre Vauthier fashion show in Paris, Noah appeared in a black, transparent and floor-length dress. Her sparkling lingerie was revealed beneath her designer robes. But it wasn't her outfit that was the eye-catcher of the evening, but her face. Her lips seemed to be even more plumped than usual and her eyebrows were so extremely bleached that you couldn't even see them anymore.

In the video: Noah Cyrus likes to show himself freely on the net

  Noah Cyrus likes to show himself freely on the internet

Noah Cyrus' new look is being torn up in the net

  This is what Noah Cyrus looked like at a performance in 2014.
This is what Noah Cyrus looked like during a performance in 2014. © dpa

Many of her fans are not really enthusiastic about the new look. On Instagram, Noah has posted some snaps from her trip to Fashion Week in different outfits and the comments speak for themselves. 'I thought at first it was Marilyn Manson,' writes one of her followers. 'Why does she look like Lady Gaga had a baby with Marilyn Manson?' joked another. Other users describe her as a kind of 'mini-Manson' and even the comparison to 'Lord Voldemort', the black magician from 'Harry Potter', falls.

But even Noah's changes beyond the extreme styling do not go unnoticed. 'What happened to her face?' asks a concerned follower and another adds: 'She got the Madonna facial treatment!' Many of her fans also find that the bleached eyebrows are not her thing at all: 'It looks doesn't look good and it doesn't suit her either,' is just one of the tough verdicts. ( um )

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