Robbie Williams: sex lull? Wife Ayda Field has three men in bed


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  Ayda Field: You go out after the corona pandemic"irgendwie Angst"
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  • Ayda Field has three men in bed

  • Sad words: Jessie J reflects on her miscarriage

  • Fans Concerned: Is Britney Spears Secretly Filmed At Home?

November 25, 2022: Ayda Field has three men in her bed

  Ayda Field has three men in bed
Ayda Field has three men in bed © Instagram/aydafieldwilliams

It seems to be going well with her in bed. Ayda Field (43) recently said in her podcast that her and her husband Robbie William (48) nothing works in bed anymore . Since her four children are born, 'our sex life is completely dead,' as she herself said. In her new Instagram story, however, it looks very different. in which you can see that she has three men in bed. In addition to husband Robbie, there are also stylist and designer Karl Willet and actor Raph Bar. Sounds promising at first...but it only sounds like it. As the video continues to pan, you can see that the three men's eyes are not glued to Ayda, but to the TV where football is playing.

November 24: Jessie J reflects on her miscarriage

A year ago, a heavy blow of fate changed the life of the British pop singer Jessie J forever: The 34-year-old musician suffered a miscarriage before one of her concerts . 'A year ago today, I was told my baby had lost his heartbeat,' Jessie recalled on her Instagram story. Even if she can now talk about this tragic story without crying, it still hurts to think back to the moment. “Grief is such a strange and personal journey. While time helps, it never really goes by,' said the 'Price Tag' hitmaker.

Jessie J sends love and strength to all those who have gone through a similar fate or are currently dealing with a loss. 'All day I've been thinking of all the women, men and families who have been through this countless times and how incredibly strong they must be,' she said. At the end there is an emotional message to her angel: 'I feel you everywhere. Especially today.”

November 23: Fans worried! Is Britney Spears secretly filmed at home?

worried for months Britney Spears (40) with her bizarre and revealing videos on Instagram for headlines. And again a posting by the singer has appeared that worries her fans. Because they suspect: The mother of two is filmed in her own four walls – and knows nothing about these videos, which are then published on her profile. A wild theory, no doubt. However, a current Insta clip from the 40-year-old suggests that something might not be right.

Britney is seen from the front, looking at each other from all sides, making faces and playing with her dog, who suddenly comes running. However, her followers do not believe that she is consciously in front of a camera: 'I have a feeling that someone has installed a camera in her mirror or something like that. She has no idea about these videos,' says one of the many concerned comments, which has already received over 2,100 likes on the web. 'I don't think she's making these videos to be published here,' writes another fan. The video has already received over 11,400 comments, and many fans are sure: 'Something's not right here at all. This is not normal behavior!' The video - whether by Britney herself or not - was captioned: 'The first time I show myself in my nightgown. It's all silk and beautiful. This is me this morning, feeling myself with my baby.'

  Is Britney Spears secretly filmed at home?

November 22, 2022: Ryan Reynolds isn't really ready for baby number four yet!

Who would have thought: After three children, the Ryan Reynolds (46) and Blake Lively (35) already have together, one could almost think that the actor would be at least a bit practiced when it comes to the birth and the first days with baby number four. puff cake! He now reveals on the “Kelly Clarkson Show” that this is not (yet) the case. There, Ryan quips, 'Everything was perfect on the first one, everything was prepped and sterile. The fourth one just makes you think, 'Oh right, it's time. I should wipe it up or something.''

At least one seems to be preparing well: the pregnant Blake 'is ready', reveals her husband. And not only Mama Blake and Papa Ryan are looking forward to the offspring, their three daughters can hardly wait to meet their sibling! 'Oh yes, they're in. They love it,' the proud dad reveals to Entertainment Tonight.

  Blake Lively in New York!

Wow performance: Adele disappears in the confetti rain at the end of her performance

Adele (34) always manages to inspire her fans at her concerts. During her performance yesterday (November 21, 2022), the singer should have shot the bird – because she not only inspires her viewers on site, but also goes viral with her performance. Because at the end of her show, the singer disappears in a shower of confetti!

What looks like real magic at first glance may have been an exit through a flap embedded in the floor. Nevertheless, users on Twitter are enthusiastic. 'A true sorceress' and 'She really disappears!' Wonder her fans. With all the magic surrounding this performance, one thing is for sure: Adele is always good for a surprise.

November 21, 2022: Ouch! Hilaria Baldwin's daughter Marilu has injured her eye in a fall

Oh dear, it hurts just to look: Hilaria Baldwin (38) shares a new photo of her daughter Marilú on Instagram – who looks at her mom in the picture with a big violet on her eye. The little one fell and injured her leg on a metal table, writes the worried mom. But: apart from the violet, Marilú is fine! 'It was just terrifying and she's going to be bruised for a while,' Hilaria writes.

Compassionate messages from Hilaria's followers who wish their daughter a speedy recovery are collected in the comments column. Actress Marilu Henner is not only the little girl's namesake, but also convinced: 'Even with the violet she is a beauty!'

Ah! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck cuddle so cute

Singers celebrated 20 years after their separation Jennifer Lopez (53) and actor Ben Affleck (50) their reunion last year. Today the lovebirds seem more in love than ever. This is proven by this sweet video that J.Lo is now sharing on Instagram: She presses him tightly, sits on his lap – both are beaming from ear to ear. Below that, the 53-year-old puts a sound track on which a child's voice can be heard – and it makes it clear that the couple has finally found each other: 'I did it! I've found the person who makes me happier than I've ever been.'

The two tied the knot in Las Vegas in July . In early October, however, made Rumors circulated that Jennifer and Ben were in a crisis – judging by the video, it seems that the couple has everything worked out.

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