Royal expert: That's how Prince William and Prince Harry's reunion really went


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Mourning for the Queen: William, Harry, Kate and Meghan together at Windsor Castle
Mourning for the Queen: William, Harry, Kate and Meghan together at Windsor Castle © action press, ActionPress, sz

It was arguably one of the biggest surprises of the Queen's death celebrations. Princess Kate (40) and Prince William (40) mourned together with Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) at Windsor Castle. Seemingly harmonious, they showed themselves side by side.

But is this harmony real or just played? A royal expert has now revealed that there could be completely different reasons behind the reunion.

Did Meghan have her own PR plans?

It was pictures that Royal fans had been waiting for so long: brothers William and Harry side by side, united in grief. But this reunion should not have happened so completely voluntarily. William is said to have issued the invitation, but before that King Charles have spoken a word of power. Now it has become known that another drama is said to have happened behind the scenes.

According to 'Foxnews', Meghan's PR team is said to have planned to make its own way to the mourners. That was prevented by Charles's last-minute intervention, according to royal expert Hilary Fordwich: 'Once again, she has broken protocol.' Fordwich went on to explain that the last-minute invitation pushed the whole schedule back. Also for the reason that Meghan and Harry had not yet put on mourning clothes.

And also when the brothers walked together behind the Queen's coffin days later at the funeral march , things still seem to be amiss between the princes.

  The performance was so different"Fabulous Four"

The brothers are so different

The differences between the brothers are great: while William and his Kate are a prime example of the fulfillment of their duties and royal restraint, Harry and Meghan are downright “bourgeois”. They hold hands and keep looking for each other . And now that William is set to take on a new role as heir to the throne, the differences between the brothers are becoming increasingly apparent. While one has dedicated himself entirely to serving the fatherland, the other does it Deals with Netflix and Spotify .

Also between Kate and Meghan the mood is said to be still tense . The injuries that have happened since the 'Megxit' weigh too heavily.

In the Queen's funeral on September 19th will see the brothers reunited. But only time will tell if they manage to overcome the deep rifts. (what)

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