Royal Family: Things are going down for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan


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 Royal Family: Things are going down for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan get a new place on the royal website. © imago/i Images, SpotOn

On the website

Prince Harry (38) and his wife Duchess Meghan (41) were put down on the Royal Family website. You now find yourself at the end, alongside the disgraced Prince Andrew (62). Until recently, according to 'The Telegraph', the couple was still in the middle of the list - among the high-ranking members of the family, but ahead of other royals such as Prince Richard (78), the Duke of Gloucester and his wife Birgitte (76), Princess Alexandra (85) or Prince Edward (86), Duke of Kent.

When the website was updated following the death of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Andrew were apparently positioned at the bottom of the page. Prince Andrew was following his alleged involvement in fell out of favor after the Epstein scandal and had to resign from his posts. According to The Telegraph, the reorganization on the site could reflect the vision of King Charles III. (73) of a slimmer monarchy, as well as showing the status of the members of the royal family who assist the monarch in his duties.

Second 'Demotion'

About 15 months ago, the Sussexes were moved down the list on the royal website for the first time - from their place just below Prince William, 40, and Princess Kate, 40, to a position below the Wessexes, Prince Edward, 58, and his wife Sophie (57) and Princess Anne (72). Harry and Meghan had stepped down as senior royals in early 2020 and moved to California.

It also remains unclear whether the Sussexes' children, Archie (3) and Lilibet (1), will be allowed to use the titles Prince and Princess. As the King's grandsons, they are theoretically entitled to them and have the right to be referred to as 'Royal Highness'. to become. However, while some updates have been made to the Royal website, there have been no changes to Archie and Lilibet. A sign that King Charles hasn't made his final decision on the titles yet? A spokesman for the monarch said, according to the Telegraph: 'The live update on a website is not quite working.' He added: 'We will work to update the website as soon as we receive information.'

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