Royal fan tells: That's why I hugged Duchess Meghan


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Duchess Meghan gives comfort to the British people

Duchess Meghan (41) turns out to be a real crowd pleaser! During her surprise tour alongside Prinz Harry (37), Prince William (40) and Duchess Kate (40) at Windsor Castle, the 41-year-old is warmly welcomed by the mourning Royal fans. Resentment or resentment? None, a teenager even hugs the royal dropout. In fact, the emotional gesture of 14-year-old Amelka Zak has a very special reason. She reveals what it is in the video above.

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First approach in two years

Dressed all in black, the four royals talk to onlookers, look at the letters of condolence and flowers that a number of mourners have left in front of Windsor Castle.
William, Kate, Harry and Meghan's reunion is poignant as relations between the Californians and members of the royal family have been strained in recent years. According to Kensington Palace, William had invited his brother and his wife to join him and Kate on the tour. Yes, quite the invitation is said not to have been given voluntarily : Supposedly King Charles III. asked his quarreling sons to take a step towards each other again in this difficult time.

Meghan is open and devoted

The still tense and reserved relationship can also be good recognize by the body language of the two couples . While Prince William and Duchess Kate seem much more businesslike and serious, Harry and Meghan make a very open and devoted impression. This is also reflected in Meghan's way of dealing with the fans. A touchable duchess – this role suits the mother of two very well. But it will probably remain one of the few moments in which the 41-year-old will be seen in this role. Since moving to the US and the Scandal interview with Oprah Winfrey the Sussexes' relationship with the British royal family is extremely tense. (lkr)

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