Royal scandal in Sweden? Carl Philip responds to explosive statement by King Carl Gustaf


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Prince Carl Philip of Sweden reacts to the documentary scandal involving his father, King Carl Gustaf.
Prince Carl Philip of Sweden reacts to the documentary scandal involving his father, King Carl Gustaf. © picture alliance

If Prinz Carl Philip (43) of Sweden was born in 1979, he was briefly the heir to his father's throne, Koenig Carl XVI. Gustaph (76). But a constitutional change brought Carl Philip's older sister Victory (45) shortly thereafter in second place in the line of succession to the Swedish throne. Papa Carl Gustaf recently described this decision in a documentary as 'unwise' and 'unfair', which caused a great deal of excitement in Sweden. Now Carl Philip spoke for the first time about his father's statements.

King Carl Gustaf criticizes decision to make Victoria heir to the throne

Since 1980, i.e. a year after Carl Philips was born, gender equality in the line of succession has applied in Sweden. Accordingly, the firstborn inherits the crown. That's why Victoria's life Crown Princess and becomes Queen of Sweden after the death of her father. Her brother looked into the royal pipe when it came to the throne.

In the TV documentary 'Sveriges sista kungar' (Eng.: 'Sweden's last kings'), King Carl Gustaf answered the question of whether he thought this arrangement was unfair: 'Yes, I think so. As a parent, I think that's terrible.' If he had had his way, the constitutional amendment should have been made before the next generation.

It didn't help that Carl Gustaf later tried to limit the damage with an official statement in which he wrote that he never wanted to criticize the female succession to the throne. The Crown Princess is his successor and an 'extraordinary enrichment' of which he is proud.

His documentary statement remains quite a slap in the face for his daughter. Nevertheless, shortly after the interview, Victoria showed up smiling and waving at her father's side as if his controversial statement had never happened.

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Carl Philip leaves room for speculation with his reaction to the documentary

But Victoria's brother Carl Philip was carried away to his statement. When he visited an indoor children's play park on January 9, a reporter for the Swedish newspaper Expressen asked him about his father's statement. Carl Philip's response left room for speculation. He 'both supports his father's statement and his older sister'. With that, the prince doesn't take sides and leaves it open whether he doesn't want to secretly agree with his father.

After all, Carl Philip not only lost his right to the crown in 1980, but also a lot of money. He officially had to give up around 4,500,000 euros, which will go to his sister as the future queen, as 'Expressen' writes. (csp)

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