Royal symbols of power: What's on the Queen's coffin?


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  Various royal symbols adorn the coffin of the Queen.
Various royal symbols adorn the coffin of the Queen. © picture alliance

September 19 will be Queen Elizabeth († 96) buried. Striking: Her coffin is festively decorated. It is not only adorned with an opulent wreath of flowers, but also with the state crown, the orb and a sceptre. But what do these royal insignia actually mean?

'Imperial State Crown' weighs over a kilo

  That is the"Imperial State Crown" - sie wiegt über einem Kilo.
This is the 'Imperial State Crown' - it weighs over a kilo. © picture alliance, Gareth Fuller

Of the Queen Elizabeth's coffin is made of English oak and lead and is said to have been made more than 32 years ago, as reported by The Times. The weight is estimated at 200 to 300 kilos. Not insignificant: the symbols of power lying on the coffin. The so-called 'Imperial State Crown' is said to weigh a little over a kilogram. It is a copy of the actual coronation crown once made for Queen Victoria. The Imperial Crown is lighter than the original and is used as a utility crown. The Guardian reports that she owns over 2,800 diamonds, 17 sapphires, four rubies, eleven emeralds and well over 200 pearls.

The coffin also includes the imperial orb, which represents the symbol of power in the form of a globe with a Christian cross on top. The scepter on the container for the mortal remains of the monarch is also part of the coronation insignia. It is considered the symbol of dominance.

Blumenkrank was chosen by heir apparent Charles

  The flowers on the Queen's coffin were chosen by King Charles himself.
The flowers on the Queen's coffin were chosen by King Charles himself. © picture alliance

The wreath of flowers that adorns the Queen's coffin was hand-delivered by King Charles (73) compiled, as reported by the Independent. Included is rosemary, which symbolizes remembrance, and myrtle, a symbol of a happy marriage. The pedunculate oak stands for the power of love. Also included are garden roses, hydrangeas, dahlias, sedum and scabious.
The flowers selected come from the gardens of Buckingham Palace and from Charles' country estate, Highgrove House, and Clarence House in London. The color of the wreath is dominated by pink, burgundy, gold and white. They are the colors that can also be seen on the royal standard.

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In the video: The Queen's coffin is brought to Wellington Arch

  The Queen's coffin is brought to Wellington Arch

Flag represents the United Kingdom

All of these symbols are on a flag that wraps the coffin. This is the so-called Royal Standard flag, representing the royal standard of the Empress and the United Kingdom.

It shows the English 'Three Lions' twice, yellow on a red background. Next to it is the red Scottish lion on a yellow background. A harp represented on the flag of Ireland. (rla/spot on)

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