Royale Christmas: Much is with King Charles III. different!


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 Christmas in Sandringham: This is celebrated with King Charles III. different
In 2019 on the way to Christmas Mass at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham (from left): Lady Louise Windsor, Prince Andrew, now King Charles and Princess Anne. © imago/Paul Marriott, SpotOn

During the Royals Christmas - with two Corona exceptions in the past two years - will always be at Sandringham this year will obviously be a little different. Not just because it's the first time without those who died in September Queen Elizabeth II . (†96) and with King Charles (74) as the host, but also because he will be making some important changes.

Christmas should be 'less formal'.

BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond told OK! Magazine that Christmas with King Charles will be 'less formal' and 'less buttoned up' than in previous years.

What does that mean exactly? For example, in recent years, royals have been expected to follow a strict protocol—bows and curtsies included—during the holidays. But apparently Charles wants to create a more relaxed atmosphere in 2022.

He is also said to have decided that not everyone has to watch his speech. Traditionally, the family sat down at 3 p.m. on December 25 to watch the televised address. Instead, Charles will pre-record the annual Christmas speech to the nation. His family is said to be spending the day commemorating the Queen. 'I'm sure he'll tape the speech a few days beforehand to reflect on her loss,' Bond said.

In the video: King Charles greets his first guest of state

 King Charles receives first guest of state

Will Harry and Meghan be there?

So while some traditions change, the royals will take their annual walk around the Sandringham estate and then return home for Christmas lunch. Those who emigrated to the United States Duchess Meghan (41) and Prinz Harry (38) are said to have been invited to the family reunion, but they are unlikely to be returning to Harry's home country for the holidays. ( spot on news/ mri )

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