Royale Series 'The Crown': Queen Elizabeth II. was definitely a fan


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  FILE PHOTO: Britain's Queen Elizabeth attends the Commonwealth Games baton relay launch, outside Buckingham Palace in London, Britain October 7, 2021. Victoria Jones/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo
Queen Elizabeth II is said to have watched the series 'The Crown' before her death. © REUTERS, POOL New, /FW1/Edwina Gibbs

A few days have passed since Queen Elizabeth II (96) passed away . All over the world people commemorate their person, so does the British actor Matt Smith (39) . He is very familiar with the royal family, as he has had great success as part of the Netflix production „The Crown“ in the role of Prince Philip, the Queen's husband. Since 2016, viewers have been able to follow the history of the British reign since 1952 as a series. And there were apparently fans of the series among the Royals too: As Matt Smith now reports in an interview, the Queen is said to have watched “The Crown” herself!

And Prince Philip? 'Don't be ridiculous'

On the American 'Today Show' the actor revealed that Prince Harry (38) once greeted him with 'Grandpa', after all Matt Smith played Harry's grandfather, Prince Philip (99) in the series. Matt Smith also revealed that the late monarch may have been a fan of the show. Apparently, the Queen watched them on a projector at the palace on Sunday evenings.

Matt Smith quipped, 'And I know Philip definitely didn't do that.' When asked how he knew, the actor had a funny story. When a friend of his sat next to the Queen's late husband at dinner, he asked Philip that very question. The friend waited a few courses of the meal and then dared to ask the question: 'Philip, I have to ask you, have you seen 'The Crown'?' Prince Philip turned to him and in his typically dry way replied: 'Don't be ridiculous.'

There's too much sex in 'House of the Dragon', says Matt Smith

It's good to remember the hit series The Crown, but right now Matt Smith's attention is bound to be on his new role on the show House of the Dragon. He plays Prince Daemon Targaryen in the Game of Thrones prequel. He is sure that it will be as successful as its predecessor, but the legacy is great. One of the things “Game of Thrones” was known for was its many sex scenes, and the new series has a few of those up its sleeve.

Matt Smith, however, thinks there are too many: 'You find yourself asking, 'Do we need another sex scene?' And they say, 'Yeah, we do.'' he recently told Rolling Stone magazine. When asked if he has a lot of sex scenes, he replies, 'Yes - a little too much if you ask me.' He was spared that in his role as the queen's husband on The Crown.

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