RTL presenter Charlotte Maihoff goes on maternity leave: 'It's an absolute feeling of happiness'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Charlotte Maihoff is happy about"die schönste und aufregendste News der vergangenen Jahre“
Charlotte Maihoff is now on maternity leave. She is expecting her first child in February. © RTL, Stefan Gregorowius

by Arne Draheim

RTL presenter Charlotte Maihoff is expecting her first child in February. On Friday she said goodbye to maternity leave. Being a mom soon is an 'absolute feeling of happiness,' she says in the RTL interview.

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Last broadcast on January 8th

Charlotte Maihoff stood in front of the camera for the last time on January 8th. Now the RTL news presenter said goodbye to maternity leave.

The 40-year-old's anticipation of her first child can be clearly seen in an interview with RTL.de. 'I'm looking forward to it and I'm very excited,' she explains when asked about the upcoming weeks. The due date should be in almost six weeks. However, she would not reveal whether it will be a boy or a girl.

RTL report by Charlotte Maihoff from Russia

The temporary farewell is not easy for her. 'I love my job, that's why I go on maternity leave with a crying and a laughing eye,' says the RTL news presenter. However, she also makes it clear: “Having a child is just a completely different league. It is an absolute feeling of happiness.”

The child is due to be born at the end of February. Until then, Charlotte Maihoff just wants to enjoy the coming time. It is important to her to gain her own experience because every pregnancy is different: 'You just can't give any advice. Every woman has to feel it herself,' the moderator clarifies.

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Date of return is still open

Maihoff has moderated RTL Aktuell since September 2017. In October 2021 the moderation for the RTL Nachtjournal was added. She also reported for four years as a correspondent for RTL/ntv from Russia.

When she will be in front of the camera again, she left it open: 'I'll see how I'm doing. I would like to come back as soon as possible - enter step by step. Of course, that also depends on how the child is doing and how I am doing.”

The broadcaster also has no specific date, as she explains: 'RTL gives me a lot of freedom, I'm very grateful for that.'

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