Rudolph Moshammer's killer: will he be deported after 18 years?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Rudolph Moshammer poses with his dog Daisy in his apartment above his restaurant"Hundskugl" in München (Archivfoto vom 27.09.2004). Am Montag (21.11.2005) wird das Urteil gegen den mutmaßlichen Mörder Moshammers verkündet. Foto: Volker Dornberger dp
Modemacher Rudolph Moshammer © dpa/dpaweb, C3261 Volker Dornberger

The one for murdering him Münchner Modezaren Rudolph Moshammer Convicted Iraqi Herish A. hopes to be deported back to his homeland. 'Yes, my client wants and will return to Iraq,' his defense attorney Adam Ahmed told the German Press Agency in Munich on Saturday (January 14).

deportation instead of dismissal

The lawyer told the newspaper that he assumes that the deportation will take place. He therefore withdrew the application for dismissal in Germany. Ahmed hopes that things will now move quickly: 'If he is not deported in the next two weeks, I would submit the application again.'

The chances of being fired aren't good anyway. The responsible regional court in Regensburg had previously pointed this out in writing. 'According to a preliminary assessment, a dismissal is currently out of the question,' said a court spokesman. In principle, an early release from prison would have been possible from January 15th, i.e. Sunday, since then the minimum period of 18 years in this case expires.

Origin of Moshammer killer finally clarified

Until a few weeks ago, the origin of the man was actually unclear. According to the report, the perpetrator's 18-year-old cell phone was even used to evaluate it again. 'Since no identity documents have been submitted by Mr. A. so far, the immigration authorities are dependent on other clues and indicators that enable the Iraqi authorities to confirm citizenship,' the Central Aliens Authority explained Contact persons in the country of origin can be obtained and used in procedures for the procurement of replacement passport papers.”

In January 2005, the then 25-year-old Iraqi strangled Moshammer to death with a power cable in his house in the Munich suburb of Grünwald. Moshammer, who never made his homosexuality public, took it home with him. The Iraqi was arrested a little later, his DNA traces were found at the crime scene. The Munich I Regional Court sentenced him to life imprisonment for murder and robbery and determined the particular gravity of his guilt. (dpa/dga)

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