Sabrina Setlur: open words about the relationship with Boris Becker


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Sabrina Setlur and Boris Becker were a couple for three months
Sabrina Setlur and Boris Becker in February 2001 © german press agency (sport)

Sabrina Setlur (48) was with Boris Becker (54) for three months in 2001. Now she has talked about the relationship in a podcast.

reached the limits

It was quiet for a long time Sabrina Setlur. The musician, who landed a number one hit with 'You don't love me' in the late 90s, last released an album in 2007. She now works as a party and event manager and even helped organize the Frankfurt Sports Press Ball in 2013. In the podcast 'On the snout - pets and their celebrities' she spoke about her life in public. The three-month relationship with Boris Becker was also an issue - apparently not a nice one for her. 'It was absolutely annoying,' said the She goes on to explain: 'I realized myself - maybe too late - that thing is going somewhere and I can't stop it.' Sabrina quickly had to learn that life alongside Boris Becker means one thing: the loss of one's own identity. So it was no longer about their music in public, but about the relationship with the tennis legend. 'I don't want that kind of popularity. I'm just not a celebrity in all walks of life.'

Today a Spaniard is her great love

Today, Sabrina Setlur's heart belongs to just one: Yorkshire mix Kobe, who was abandoned on the streets of Alicante and whom she adopted from the shelter two years ago. She says: 'His most human quality is cuddling! He lays on my neck and has to be scratched.' Finally, Sabrina gives the podcast interview to understand: 'Animals are the better people because they are more loyal and honest.'

 Sabrina Setlur hasn't changed much
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